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UC ANR supporters give over $85,000 on #GivingTuesday

Thanks to everyone who participated, UC ANR's #GivingTuesday campaign was a tremendous success.

“We surpassed our goal of $60,000, raising $85,168,” said Mary Maffly Ciricillo, director of Annual Giving and Individual Gifts. “This is close to a 24 percent increase over last year's Giving Tuesday total of $68,322.”

As an added incentive to potential donors, ANR received over $37,000 in donations toward match challenge funds supporting all of UC ANR programs.

The California 4-H Foundation alone brought in over $32,000. Compared to 2016, there was a 250 percent increase in giving to UC ANR programs – including Master Gardeners, Master Food Preservers, IPM, the REC System, and county offices – totaling over $15,000.

The number of gifts received also rose, from 224 gifts in 2016 to 318 gifts this year. “We even received a gift designated to urban horticulture!” Ciricillo said.

In addition to raising money, the #GivingTuesday social media campaign helped raise the visibility of ANR programs and awareness that programs such as the 4-H Youth Development Program are part of the University of California.

The UC Master Gardener Program team made a video of the unselfies posted on social media by their supporters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xI_tVcNhBcQ.

“We appreciate everyone's cooperation in this fundraising effort and hope we can continue to build on our success for the next #GivingTuesday,” Ciricillo said. “These private funds will help us expand UC ANR's reach.”

#UCANReach 1

Below is a list of funds that donors selected to receive their Giving Tuesday gifts:

  • 4-H Foundation UC Donor Funds
  • 4-H Undesignated
  • Alameda County Master Gardener Fund (Endow)
  • Alameda County UCCE - Master Gardeners
  • ANR - California Naturalist Scholarship Fund
  • ANR - Giving Tuesday Match Fund
  • ANR - Master Food Preservers Fund
  • ANR - Master Gardener Annual Giving Fund
  • ANR Informatics and GIS Fund
  • California Institute for Water Resources
  • Central Sierra - UCCE
  • Colusa County UCCE - Master Gardener Program
  • Contra Costa County UCCE Fund
  • Desert Research and Extension Center FARM SMART Fund
  • El Dorado County UCCE - Master Gardeners
  • El Dorado County UCCE - Rangeland Fund
  • Elkus Ranch Fund
  • Fresno County UCCE
  • Hopland REC Fund
  • Integrated Pest Management Program Fund
  • Kern County - 4-H Program 
  • Kearney Research and Extension Center Fund
  • Los Angeles County UCCE - Master Gardeners
  • Los Angeles County UCCE Fund
  • Lindcove Research and Extension Center
  • Marin Master Gardeners Opportunity Fund
  • Merced County Agriculture Extension and Research Endowment
  • Merced County UCCE - Master Gardener Fund
  • Nutrition Policy Institute General Fund
  • Orange County UCCE - Master Food Preserver Fund
  • Orange County UCCE Fund
  • Plumas County UCCE - Project Learning Tree
  • Research and Extension Center System
  • Riverside County UCCE - Master Gardeners
  • Sacramento County UCCE - Master Gardener Fund
  • San Joaquin County UCCE - Master Gardener Fund
  • San Mateo County - 4-H Program 
  • San Mateo County UCCE - Master Gardener Greenhouse
  • San Mateo County UCCE Fund
  • San Mateo/San Francisco UCCE - Master Gardener Fund
  • San Mateo/SF UCCE - Master Food Preserver
  • Santa Barbara County 4-H
  • Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center Fund
  • Sonoma County UCCE - Citizen Science Projects
  • Statewide Master Gardener Endowment Fund
  • Statewide Program - Nutrition, Family and Consumer Sciences Program
  • Sutter-Yuba Counties UCCE - Master Gardeners
  • UC California Naturalist Program
  • UCCE Master Gardeners of Orange County
  • Urban Horticulture
  • Ventura County Master Gardeners
  • Ventura County UCCE - Master Gardener Fund
  • Ventura County UCCE Fund
Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at 4:29 PM
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