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Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
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Library Talk (Concord): Saving Water in Your Landscape

Date: June 22, 2017

Time: 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Contact: ccmg@ucanr.edu - UC Master Gardeners-Contra Costa

Sponsor: UC Master Gardener Program-Contra Costa

Location: Concord Library, Concord, California 94519

Event Details

Presented by UC Master Gardener Roxy Wolosenko.

Saving Water in your Landscape

UC Master Gardener Roxy Wolosenko will expertly guide the audience through a variety of practices that will help homeowners conserve water in their landscape. Learn about irrigation methods, plant selection and placement, water gardening and rainwater harvesting. Participants will also receive hands-on practice using irrigation components.

Did you know that conventional watering practices increase surface water runoff by 50-70% with a corresponding loss of rainfall retained for the landscape and replenishment of groundwater? Such runoff also places limitations on the soil’s ability to filter pollutants, and washes pollutants into waterways via storm drains. Methods for creating rain gardens to capture rainwater on the site, rainwater harvesting, and other water conservation ideas will be discussed.

There will be time for questions and answers after the presentation.  No charge.

The Concord Library is at 2900 Salvio Street, Concord.  For more information & directions, visit http://ccclib.org/locations/concord.html or contact Kimberli Buckley, Adult Services Librarian, at 925-646-5455.

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