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Bill and Jane Fischer Vegetation Management Scholarship


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In 1954, the late Bill Fischer began his career with the University of California Cooperative Extension as an assistant in Stockton, where he conducted his first weed control trial in Tokay grapes near Lodi. Three years later, he was appointed farm advisor in Fresno County with responsibilities for agronomic crops (corn, sorghum, wheat, barley, oats, and rice) and weed control in cropped and non-cropped areas. Gradually, Bill relinquished his responsibilities in cereal crops and concentrated on weed control, or, as he preferred to call it, "vegetation management"

Bill used applied research trials to develop new information and as teaching tools to demonstrate the effectiveness of selective herbicides as vegetation management tools. Bill's Extension education philosophy is best expressed by the following quotation: "My information is no information until you are informed of my information." His yearly vegetation management tours were popular and well attended. Publications summarizing his applied research studies were widely distributed. Bill published 50 volumes of Runcina containing summaries of his vegetation management studies in many crops grown in Fresno County. He contributed to several text books, IPM manuals, and wrote many articles that appeared in scientific and popular journals. His use of visuals will be long remembered by his contemporaries.

Bill and his wife, Jane, traveled widely during four sabbatical leaves. Jane assisted in photographing the weeds contained in the Growers Weed Identification Handbook, a publication of the University of California.

Bill retired in 1991, as farm advisor emeritus. Family, friends, and colleagues established a Vegetation Management Scholarship to honor Bill and Jane, and to promote the study of vegetation management as an important aspect of agriculture/plant science.

The Bill and Jane Fischer Vegetation Management Scholarship provides an award of approximately $1,000 each year for individuals enrolled in graduate studies in vegetation management/weed science. One or more awards may be made annually. The amount of the award(s) may vary with available funds. Graduate students are encouraged to apply for the scholarship.

Selection criteria:
Students from any accredited California university are eligible.  Preference will be given to graduate students.  Successful candidates will have demonstrated an interest in vegetation management (weed control) careers and will have a major or concentration in one of the following areas (listed in order of preference):

  • Vegetation management in agricultural crop production.
  • Plant science with emphasis on vegetation management in horticultural crops, agronomic, or vegetable crops.
  • Soils and plant nutrition with emphasis on field, vegetable crop relationships.
  • Agricultural engineering with emphasis on developing tools for vegetation management.
  • Agricultural botany with emphasis on weed biology and weed ecology.
  • Plant pathology with emphasis on integrated vegetation management.
  • Plant protection and pest management with emphasis on field, vegetable, or horticultural crop relationships.
  • Agricultural economics with emphasis on vegetation management in field, vegetable, or horticultural crops.

Procedures for application:
Completed 2017-18 scholarship applications and supporting documents must be postmarked or submitted online no later than May 19, 2017. Send application and supporting documents to the Office of Development Services, University of California - Agriculture and Natural Resources, 1111 Franklin Street, 10th Floor, Oakland, CA 94607.  An official transcript and two letters of recommendation completed by a professor, academic advisor, or an individual knowledgeable of the applicant's abilities and potential, must accompany the application. The monetary award will be mailed directly to the successful candidate in the fall, upon proof of registration at an accredited California university.

For more information, contact Andrea Ambrose at andrea.ambrose@ucop.edu

Fischer Scholarship Online Application

Fischer Application 2017-18_extended deadline


Howard Walton Clark Prize
in Plant Breeding and Soil Building

There is no application procedure for this prize. Students must be nominated by University faculty or academic advisers. 2018 scholarship information coming soon! 

Annual prize to be given to the "senior student in the College of Agriculture whose high scholastic achievement, talent for independent research, and other characteristics, with particular reference to either plant breeding (leading to new/improved crops and new/improved varieties using appropriate tools) or soil building (leading to improving soil quality related to soil productivity and sustainability as a resource), seems to show the greatest promise."

Amount: $5,000 - one awarded each year

Clark Cover Sheet 2017-18

For more information, contact Andrea Ambrose at apambrose@ucanr.edu

Knowles A. Ryerson Award in Agriculture

There is no application procedure for this award.  Students must be nominated by University faculty or academic advisors.  Nominations are invited in April.  Nominations for 2017-18 are due on May 19, 2017. 

Annual prize to be awarded to a foreign undergraduate student in the College of Agriculture, in any curriculum, preferably after completion of the junior year. The award is to be made on the basis of high scholarship, outstanding character, and promise of leadership. The winner to be selected in alternate years from the Berkeley and Davis campuses. (Note: Recent clarification on the endowment terms enable us to offer this award to a student at Berkeley and Davis.  Both campuses may submit nominations.)

Amount: $2,500 - two awarded each year, one each at Berkeley and Davis

Ryerson Cover Sheet 2017-18

For more information, contact Andrea Ambrose at apambrose@ucanr.edu

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