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Dr Lynn M. Sosnoskie

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Assistant Project Scientist
Department of Plant Sciences
One Shields Avenue
1210 Plant and Environmental Sciences Bldg
Davis, CA 95616-8780
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I am a graduate of the Ohio State University, where I earned a Ph.D. in Weed Science.  After a brief Post-Doc at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, I joined the Weed Science team led by Dr. Stanley Culpepper at the University of Georgia, Tifton.  My research in Georgia focused on two main areas of weed science. My primary focus was furthering our understanding about the biology and ecology of glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth. Data from this research contributed to the development of an integrated production plan that utilizes crop rotation, cover crop production, and the judicious use of deep tillage, in conjunction with herbicides, to manage this economically devastating species. This combination of practices will help  growers preserve traditional crop protection chemistries, adopt or extend conservation tillage, improve the biodiversity in agricultural systems, and maximize crop yields. My second area of research involved evaluating methyl bromide alternatives for use in commercial vegetable production. Specifically, we assessed the efficacy and sustainability of substitute fumigants and herbicides for controlling nutsedges, grasses, and small-seeded broadleaved weed species, while minimizing crop injury. Our work resulted in a 70% reduction in the amount of methyl bromide used in the production of exempt crops, and a substantial cost savings to the growers.

While at UGA, I was responsible for the design, establishment, maintenance, and evaluation of experimental trials around the state; these include UGA projects, as well as those performed in conjunction with collaborators in the agrochemical industry. I have devoted a significant proportion of my research hours to the study of statistics, and have aggressively pursued new techniques for the analysis of complex experimental designs. As a member of the UGA Extension service, I delivered our information to growers, county  agents, industry and commodity group representatives, and other research personnel through extension publications (i.e. circulars, reports, pest management guides), scientific presentations at local, regional, and national meetings, and refereed journal articles.

As a new member of the Plant Sciences Department, I look forward to the opportunity to similarly serve the growers in the State of California.



Weed biology and ecology

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