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Deepa Srivastava Ph.D.

Photo of Deepa Srivastava Ph.D.
Nutrition, Family & Consumer Sciences Advisor
Cooperative Extension Tulare County
4437-B S. Laspina St.
Tulare, CA 93274
(559) 684-3318
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Also in:
Kings County
Expanded Food Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)


Nutrition education approaches and best practices that support healthy eating, food security, and active living across multiple settings among low-income population/communities; Caregivers'ethnotheories,feeding style, and practices; Process evaluation/Implementation fidelity; Mixed methods and qualitative research designs.

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Peer Reviewed

  • Srivastava, D., & de Guzman, M.R.T. (2017). “Why I Sent My Child Away”: Culturally Structured Motivations for Long-Distance Parenting. Psychology and Developing Societies, 29,1-21. DOI: 10.1177/0971333616689201

  • Srivastava,D. & Lopez, M. (September 2017). EFNEP Help Parents Improve Food Resource Management and Nutrition Practices. UC Delivers.

  • Dev, D.A., Byrd-Williams, C., Ramsay, S., McBride, B., Srivastava, D., May, A., Arcan, C., & Adachi-Mejia, A.M. (2017). Engaging Parents to Promote Children’s Nutrition and Health: Providers’ Barriers and Strategies in Head Start and Child Care Centers. American Journal of Health Promotion, 31, 153-162. DOI: 10.1177/0890117116685426 

  • Srivastava, D., Kok, C., Eum, J., Garcia, A., de Guzman, M.R.T., Xia, Y.R., Hong, S., et al., (Spring, 2016). “Conceptions Regarding Children’s Health among Asian Immigrant Parents in the Midwest.” Conference paper presented at the Society for Cross Cultural Research, Portland, OR.  

  • Rida, Z., Carr, T., Kohnke, C., Srivastava, D., Dev, D. (Fall, 2016). Food Environment as the Frontline for Childhood Obesity Prevention:  A Mixed-Methods Study of Nutritional Competencies and Skills of School Nutrition Professionals in Nebraska. Poster presentation at the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo™ (FNCE®), Boston, MA. 

  • Dev, D.A., Byrd-Williams, C., Ramsay, S., McBride, B., May, A., Arcar, C., Srivastava, D., & Adachi-Mejia, A. (Summer, 2016). Let’s Work Together Towards Children’s Nutrition: Building a Bridge Between Childcare Providers and Parents for Promoting Child Health. Poster presentation at the SNEB Conference, San Diego, CA. 

  • Srivastava, D., Anderson-Knott, M., Boekner, L., Takahashi, S., Fischer, J., & Wallinga, M. (Summer, 2015). “Promoting Healthy Eating and Physical Activity among Middle School Students in Nebraska.” Poster presentation at the 8th Biennial Childhood Obesity Conference, San Diego, CA.  

  • Srivastava, D., & de Guzman, M.R.T. (Spring, 2015). "Why I sent my child away: Satellite Parenting among Asian Indian Immigrants in the Midwest.” Conference paper presented at the Society for Cross Cultural Research, Albuquerque, NM. 

  • Srivastava, D., & de Guzman, M.R.T. (Fall, 2014). “Ethnotheories about Satellite Parenting in Asian Indian Immigrants.” Paper presented at the National Council of Family Relations, Baltimore, MD. 

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