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    Santa Clara County
    Office Information
    Santa Clara County
    UCCE Santa Clara County
    1553 Berger Drive, Bldg. 1
    San Jose, CA 95112
    phone: (408) 282-3110
    fax: (408) 298-5160
    email: cesantaclara@ucdavis.edu
    url: http://cesantaclara.ucanr.edu
    Director: Sheila Barry
    Name Phone Email
    Barry, Sheila J. (408) 282-3106 sbarry@ucanr.edu
    Title: County Director Santa Clara / Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor, San Francisco Bay Area
    Specialty: Rangeland Ecology and Management, Beef Cattle Production, Rangeland Conservation, Grazing Management,
    Bedrossian, Gabriella gebedrossian@ucanr.edu
    Title: Community Education Specialist 1, Compost Education  
    Bennaton, Rob 510-670-5621 rbennaton@ucanr.edu
    Title: County Director in Alameda/Contra Costa and Bay Area Urban Agriculture Advisor
    Specialty: • Small Scale Food Production and Soil Quality/Resource Management
    Chen, Wei-ting 650-276-7429 wtgchen@ucanr.edu
    Title: Interim County Co-Director in San Mateo/San Francisco and Nutrition Family and Consumer Sciences Advisor  
    Cheng (Kenny), Wen wecheng@ucanr.edu
    Title: Agricultural Technician
    Specialty: Chrysanthemums, Vegetables & assisting UCCE Advisor with field research, knowledgeable piping fitting, galvanize, PVC, welding. Translate for Asian Grower.
    Damiani Fontana, Claudia S. 408-282-3116 csdamianifontana@ucanr.edu
    Title: 4-H Youth Development Program Representative  
    de la Fuente, Maria Ph. D. (831) 759-7358 medelafuente@ucanr.edu
    Title: County Director Monterey - Farm & Master Gardener Advisor Monterey, San Benito and Santa Clara Counties
    Specialty: Mushrooms, compost, specialty vegetables, nursery crops, plant pathology and soil microbiology. Urban Horticulture and Master Gardener Program Santa Clara.
    Ford, Rachel (408) 282-3138 raford@ucanr.edu
    Title: Administrative Assistant
    Specialty: Office Specialist for Nutrition Programs
    Gazula, Aparna 408-282-3127 agazula@ucanr.edu
    Title: Small Farm Advisor
    Specialty: Vegetable Production, Nutrient Management, Small Farms
    Golden, Sheila 831-332-8882 shegolden@ucdavis.edu
    Title: Jr. Specialist
    Specialty: Food Systems
    Gong, Elizabeth J. (650) 871-7559 ejgong@ucanr.edu
    Title: Nutrition Program Supervisor
    Specialty: Nutrition, EFNEP
    Hawkins, Robert rehawkins@ucanr.edu
    Title: Staff Research Associate II
    Specialty: Biochar Soil Amendments Small Farms Composting
    Lacan, Igor 650-276-7428 ilacan@ucanr.edu
    Title: Interim County Co-Director in San Mateo/San Francisco and Bay Area Environmental Horticulture Advisor
    Specialty: Urban Forestry
    Mineo, Elisa 408-282-3108 ecmineo@ucanr.edu
    Title: Jr. Specialist
    Specialty: Urban agriculture, Small Farm Program, GIS, soil contamination
    Moncloa, Fe (408) 282-3107 fxmoncloa@ucanr.edu
    Title: 4-H Youth Development Advisor
    Specialty: adolescence civic and political engagement, Latino youth and community development, culturally relevant pedagogy
    Oghoghorie, Kehinde koghoghorie@ucanr.edu
    Ray, Lee Ann 408-282-3111 lfray@ucanr.edu
    Title: Office Manager
    Specialty: Office logistics and fiscal management, Personnel, Customer Service
    Ray, Lee Ann 408-282-3111 lfray_bad_old@ucanr.edu
    Schweiger, Jessica 408-282-3113 jschweiger@ucanr.edu
    Title: Urban Agriculture Program Manager  
    Simmons, Carmen Aida (408) 282-3112 casim@ucanr.edu
    Title: Nutrition Educator
    Specialty: Bilingual Youth & Adult
    Smith, Cole 408-918-4641 cbrsmith@ucanr.edu
    Title: Community Education Specialist III
    Specialty: Composting Education, City to Soil planning, Household organic waste management, Community based learning
    Sounougatov, Aileen Trujillo (408)282-3128 actrujillo@ucanr.edu
    Title: Nutrition Educator
    Specialty: Adult and Youth Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program
    Sutherland, Andrew Mason BCE 510-670-5624 amsutherland@ucanr.edu
    Title: Integrated Pest Management Advisor
    Specialty: urban IPM of arthropods
    Taylor, Elaine (408) 282-3109 etaylor@ucanr.edu
    Title: Nutrition Educator
    Specialty: Youth and Adult Nutrition Educator, CalFresh
    Tibayan, Jeff V (408) 282-3103 jvtibayan@ucanr.edu
    Title: Community Education Specialist
    Specialty: Cal-Fresh Youth Nutrition and Physical Activity Education
    Vincze, Jenel (408) 282-3130 jpvincze@ucanr.edu
    Title: Program Administrative Assistant II
    Specialty: Compost Education Program, Master Gardener Program, Project Learning Tree
    Vollinger, Mary B. 408-282-3118 mvollinger@ucanr.edu
    Title: Nutrition Program Supervisor
    Specialty: Nutrition Supervisor, CalFresh
    Weaver, Susan J 408-282-3119 sjweaver@ucanr.edu
    Title: 4-H Youth Development Program Representative  
    Webmaster Email: jewarnert@ucanr.edu