Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of California
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Area Dairy Advisor

County Locations: Fresno County, Madera County

Date Posted: July 30, 2014
Closing Date: September 14, 2014

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The dairy advisor will conduct a multi-county-based extension, education and applied research program centered on dairy science.  The advisor will be based in Fresno, and will focus on programs across a spectrum of issues as they relate to dairy production systems, including environmental stewardship, quality assurance, animal welfare, food safety and production efficiency. Dairy herd management and production issues will be addressed in an integrated approach to consider economic viability and conservation of environmental resources.

The UC Cooperative Extension Area Dairy Advisor will facilitate interactions and information exchange among campus-based academics, CE advisors, UC VMTRC staff, and community stakeholders. This position is critical for the continued success of the dairy industry in Fresno and Madera Counties. Critical issues are nitrate contamination of groundwater linked to the use of manure and lagoon water; air quality impacts linked to the storage and preparation of dairy feeds; reproduction, herd health and related human health linked to the dairy industry.

A minimum of a master’s degree is required, and the closing date is September 14, 2014.

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