Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
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Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources


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Ag leaders, scientists set priorities to prevent invasive pest threats to the environment and economy
Posted 1/18/2018 - The gypsy moth, an interloper from Europe and Asia, is threatening California's majestic oaks in Ventura County. Invasive desert knapweed, which comes from Africa, has made...

Dig it, Grow it, Eat it: School gardens support learning and healthier food choices
Posted 1/17/2018 - The success of a garden is normally identified by plentiful crops of tomatoes and squash or the beautiful display of vibrant thriving flowers, shrubs or trees....

Newly minted UC fire scientist Kate Wilkin moves into fire country
Posted 1/16/2018 - Fire scientist Kate Wilkin was on the job just a few weeks when ferocious winds whipped up the Northern California firestorm of 2017. The national media focused on...

UCCE works with CDFA to help Hmong farmers conserve water and reduce emissions
Posted 1/11/2018 - California farmers Fong Tchieng and Vang C. Thao have a lot in common. They both have farming operations in the Central Valley. They both belong to the state's vibrant...

Trends we're watching in 2018: experts weigh in on water, GM, science communication and more
Posted 1/9/2018 - As we settle into 2018, it's natural to wonder what the New Year may bring. There have been dozens of "trend pieces" discussing what's in store. In this wrap, we consider...

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