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Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
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Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources

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  • South American palm weevils are destroying SoCal palms

    Added February 8, 2017
    South American palm weevil can fly tens of miles in a day.

    Communities in Southern California are watching their valued landscape palm trees suffer mortal damage from an invasive pest that is making its way northward from Mexico, reported Marty Graham in San Diego Reader. The South American palm weevil lays eggs...

  • Short-lived gag order on USDA raises concerns

    Added January 26, 2017
    UC ANR vice president Glenda Humiston says USDA communication with the public is critically important.

    This week, the Trump Administration imposed a gag order on USDA agencies, then after public outcry, quickly rescinded it, reported Dan Nosowitz in Modern Farmer. The peculiar actions prompted the reporter to find out why USDA must...

  • Farmers are disappointed Trump has scrapped TPP

    Added January 24, 2017
    Trump's decision to withdraw from TPP has significant financial implications for California farmers. (Photos: Pixabay)

    California farmers could have reaped substantial profits if the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership had become law, reported Robert Rodriguez in the Fresno Bee, but President Trump pulled the U.S. out of the deal. According to the American Farm Bureau,...

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