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Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
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Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources

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  • Summer heat is supressing brown marmorated stink bug

    Added July 24, 2017
    Brown marmorated stink bugs aggregate on a midtown Sacramento tree.

    The sweltering summer of 2017 has a silver lining. When the temperature rises above 104, brown marmorated stink bug population growth is significantly slowed, reported Debbie Arrington in the Sacramento Bee. An invasive pest from Asia, brown...

  • Precipitation and wildfire impacted by climate change

    Added July 14, 2017
    More rain and fire predicted for California due to climate change.

    A new study out of UC Riverside projects an increase in rain and snow in California due to climate change, reported Matt Smith on Seeker.com. Anthropogenic impacts on climate are expected to produce a chronic El Niño-like weather pattern off the...

  • South American palm weevil stars in a Hollywood horror film

    Added June 20, 2017
    South American palm weevil adult. (Photo: Center for Invasive Species Research)

    One of Los Angeles' quintessential icons - palm trees - are being threatened by an invasive pest from overseas - the South American palm weevil. KQED Science produced a clever overview on the life and times of this devastating pest, punctuating...

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