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News for UC Agriculture & Natural Resources employees.
by Susan McCormick
on January 14, 2015 at 3:09 PM
UC is not and has never been able to investigate itself in an unbiased manner. Whistleblower or grievances are rarely upheld in the claimant’s behalf, but rather they are investigated with the primary purpose of covering up law and policy violations by management. UC protects its management and will never hold them accountable. Even the "independent" investigators hired outside the university are incapable of finding fault with management, except if it is a well know judge like Carlos Moreno who investigated the UCLA faculty racial discrimination problem. UC is afraid of any negative public exposure and will avoid it at all costs. Until staff, faculty and students are treated as “the core” of the university and are protected against unlawful violations, then UC cannot call itself a work-class university.
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