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San Luis Obispo County Demonstration Garden
by Amy Breschini
on March 13, 2012 at 12:00 PM
What about hand pulling this weed?
Reply by Amy Breschini
on March 13, 2012 at 12:01 PM
Thank you so much for your comments. The Universities number one priority is to recommend chemical control only as a last option, when all other types of control are exhausted. Unfortunately there are some aggressive weeds and ornamentals that very few control methods are found to work. We hope that by educating the public, we can stop the spread of these types of weeds.  
I think we failed in expressing how large of a problem this is for those who do not have it on their property. In our county on the East side in North County, especially Templeton through Creston, we have homeowners of large properties with this weed established over their entire property. There is literally a plant every few inches, and their property sizes ranges from 1 acre to 40 acres. The longer these residents have this problem the more widespread it will become. Usually if you have this weed, you will have thousands of this weed, which makes hand-pulling virtually impossible. Seed output can be as high at 30,000 seeds per square meter, with about 95% of the seed being viable soon after dispersal. Most seeds germinate within a year of dispersal, but some can remain viable in the soil for more than 3 years.  
I hope that explains why the University makes this recommendation. If you would like to read the University of California's findings on this, please visit their website:
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