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Produce at the market
by Mark Washburn
on February 12, 2013 at 9:19 PM
If you could point me in the right direction meaning someone I could talk to about potato chip frying, it would be appreciated. Following is a brief description of what I am seeing....  
I am currently working in Afghanistan with a small potato chip operation (Kettle Chip type processing). The front end of the processing seems to be within the specs as found in other plants. Nevertheless, after about 10 days in a barrier bag, the potato chip has an off flavor possibly rancid oil flavor. I have checked the following:  
1. Oil Temp runs about 180 C  
2. The oil is never changed and new oil is added on an as needed bases. This is the practice of other processors in the area and they do not seem to have the problem of the smell. This is prob. suspect but I want to be sure other factors are not playing a role in the off-flavor  
3. The product is fried one day, stored in plastic bags and the following day, the product is run through the bagging line.  
1. What causes potato chips to result in a bad flavor after 10 days?  
2. Could you list a number of reason why this happens?  
Mark Washburn  
IDEA-NEW Consultant (Afghanistan)  
Value Chain Agriculture  
Mobile: +93 796258466  
U.S. : 408-478-5641  
Costa Rica: 506-8842-6969
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