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Have a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is about wholesome food, family gatherings, strong community and a productive environment. These are values that match UC Agriculture and Natural Resources and UC Cooperative Extension's.

In 1863, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day be held each November. Just one year earlier the same U.S. president signed the Morrill Land Grant Act, which set the stage for scientific agricultural education to sweep the nation and create the bountiful and nutritious food for which we are all so thankful.

UC ANR celebrates this holiday with the people of California by sharing the stories below about our role in modern Thanksgiving.

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TechXcite – Local Youth Discover Engineering
Studies of informal science education programs have recommended emphasizing human versus technological aspects of science in curriculum design. Specifically, one study recommends “making STEM fields more attractive…to girls by…promoting science as a human inquiry, involving the hands and the heart as well as the brain, one’s personal interests and tastes––rather than an anonymous application of a universal method” (Froschl, Sprung, Archer, & Fancsali, 2003). Additionally, research indicates that “New teaching and learning models are needed to provide students with the ability to engage in scientific inquiry” (Skelton, Seevers, Dormondy, & Hodnett, 2012). For both genders, hands-on experiences such as using tools and equipment have been found to enhance interest in science (Hansen, Walker, & Flom, 1995) and are related to higher math and science achievement (Campbell, Jolly, Hoey, & Perlman, 2002). Girls, in particular, were six times more likely to consider engineering as a career following hands-on engineering activities (Campbell & Shackford, 1990).

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