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July-September 2016


Strawberries in Santa Cruz County. The articles in this issue survey a range of issues in California’s evolving berry sector, including the economics of the industry’s growth (page 107), the impact on growers of new fumigation regulations (page 116), and new approaches to managing soilborne pathogens (pages 101, 104 and 137).

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California Agriculture, July-September 2016

Volume 70, Number 3
The evolving berry industry

Peer-reviewed Research and Review Articles

The evolving fresh market berry industry in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties
by Laura Tourte, Mark Bolda, Karen Klonsky
pp107-115 , doi#10.3733/ca.2016a0001
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Revised chloropicrin use requirements impact strawberry growers unequally
by Rachael Goodhue, Melissa Schweisguth, Karen Klonsky
pp116-123 , doi#10.3733/ca.2016a0002
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Strawberry growers wavered over methyl iodide, feared public backlash
by Julie Guthman
pp124-129 , doi#10.3733/ca.2016a0003
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Fumigant dosages below maximum label rate control some soilborne pathogens
by Shachaf Triky-Dotan, Becky Westerdahl, Frank N. Martin, Krishna Subbarao, Steven T. Koike, Husein A. Ajwa
pp130-136 , doi#10.3733/ca.2016a0004
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Managing for soil health can suppress pests
by Amanda Hodson, Edwin Lewis
pp137-141 , doi#10.3733/ca.2016a0005
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Inconsistent food safety pressures complicate environmental conservation for California produce growers
by Patrick Baur, Laura Driscoll, Sasha Gennet, Daniel Karp
pp142-151 , doi#10.3733/ca.2016a0006
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Soil testing for P and K has value in nutrient management for annual crops
by Daniel Geisseler, Gene Miyao
pp152-159 , doi#10.3733/ca.2016a0007
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Editorial, News, Letters and Science Briefs

A crossroads for strawberries
by Jim Downing
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Growing for the future: Collective action, land stewardship and soilborne pathogens in California strawberry production
by Margaret Lloyd, Tom Gordon
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At Hansen Agricultural REC, better blackberries and a soil disinfestation alternative
by Hazel White
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