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April-June 2017


A honeybee, Apis mellifera, collects pollen from an almond flower at Sloughside Farms in Yolo County. The golden bulb on the bee’s hind leg is pollen packed into a specialized structure called a pollen basket, or corbicula. Photo by Will Suckow.

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California Agriculture, April-June 2017

Volume 71, Number 2

Peer-reviewed Research and Review Articles

Field trials show the fertilizer value of nitrogen in irrigation water
by Michael Cahn, Richard Smith, Laura Murphy, Tim Hartz
pp62-67 , doi#10.3733/ca.2017a0010
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Yield in almond is related more to the abundance of flowers than the relative number of flowers that set fruit
by Sergio Tombesi, Bruce D. Lampinen, Samuel Metcalf, Theodore M. DeJong
pp68-74 , doi#10.3733/ca.2016a0024
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Lessons learned: How summer camps reduce risk factors of childhood obesity
by Gretchen L. George, Lucia L. Kaiser, Constance Schneider
pp75-80 , doi#10.3733/ca.2016a0025
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Using InVEST to assess ecosystem services on conserved properties in Sonoma County, CA
by Van Butsic, Matthew Shapero, Diana Moanga, Stephanie Larson
pp81-89 , doi#10.3733/ca.2017a0008
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Soil nitrate testing supports nitrogen management in irrigated annual crops
by Patricia A. Lazicki, Daniel Geisseler
pp90-95 , doi#10.3733/ca.2016a0027
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Editorial, News, Letters and Science Briefs

EDITORIAL: California's working landscapes offer opportunities for economic growth
by Glenda Humiston
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How to study cannabis
by Jim Downing
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Coexisting with chaparral
by Jim Downing
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After fire, the roles of rabbits and wildflowers
by Hazel White
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Apps for Ag winner launches community-building app in Davis
by Hazel White
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Research highlights
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