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October-December 2016


Cattle graze in Lassen County. Rangelands cover between 31 and 57 million acres in California, depending on how “rangeland” is defined. This issue features articles on auction markets for beef cattle, wild horses, selenium supplementation, rangeland weeds and restoration practices. Photo by Will Suckow.

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California Agriculture, October-December 2016

Volume 70, Number 4

Peer-reviewed Research and Review Articles

Calf and yearling prices in California and the western United States
by Tina L. Saitone, Larry C. Forero, Glenn A. Nader, Leslie E. Forero
pp179-186 , doi#10.3733/ca.2016a0019
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Efficacy of selenium supplementation methods in California yearling beef cattle and resulting effect on weight gain
by Josh Davy, Larry Forero, Thomas Tucker, Christie Mayo, John Maas, James Oltjen, Daniel Drake
pp187-193 , doi#10.3733/ca.2016a0016
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Practitioner perspectives on using nonnative plants for revegetation
by Elise Gornish, Elizabeth Brusati, Douglas W. Johnson
pp194-199 , doi#10.3733/ca.2016a0013
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On-farm flood capture could reduce groundwater overdraft in Kings River Basin
by Philip A.M. Bachand, Sujoy B. Roy, Nicole Stern, Joseph Choperena, Don Cameron, William R. Horwath
pp200-207 , doi#10.3733/ca.2016a0018
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Editorial, News, Letters and Science Briefs

EDITORIAL: Unlocking the potential for innovation in rural California
by Glenda Humiston
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Unanswered questions for implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act
by Michael Kiparsky
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The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act challenges the diversity of California farms
by Jessica Rudnick, Alyssa DeVincentis, Linda Estelí Méndez-Barrientos
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Sierra Foothill REC: Quantifying IPM benefits in rangeland systems
by Jim Downing
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Laura Snell: Studying the wild horses of northeastern California
by Jim Downing
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Tina Saitone: Understanding the beef market, and whether sheepdogs are earning their keep
by Jim Downing
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