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Peer-reviewed Article

Downy mildew of lettuce controlled by systemic fungicide


Albert O. Paulus, University of California
Jerry Nelson, University of California
Marvin Snyder
Judy Gafney

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California Agriculture 31(12):9-9. December 1977.


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Downy mildew of lettuce, caused by the fungus Bremia lactucae, can cause considerable damage especially to early spring and late fall crops in coastal areas. It is favored by cool, moist weather and may occasionally cause economic damage in the Imperial Valley during the winter lettuce season. Trials were initiated in the summer and fall of 1976 to compare new systemic fungicides from Ciba Geigy with commonly used materials.

author affiliations

Albert O, Paulus is Plant Pathologist Cooperative Extension, University of California, Riverside. Jerry Nelson is Staff Research Associate Cooperative Extension, University of California, Riverside. Marvin Snyder is Farm Advisor and Judy Gafney is Extension Assistant, Santa Barbara County. ;