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Peer-reviewed Article

Hedgerows enhance beneficial insects on farms in California's Central Valley


Lora Morandin, UC Berkeley
Rachael F. Long, UC Cooperative Extension
Corin Pease, UC Davis
Claire Kremen, UC Berkeley

publication information

California Agriculture 65(4):197-201. DOI: 10.3733/ca.v065n04p197. October-December 2011.

author affiliations

L. Morandin is Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley; R.F. Long is Farm Advisor, UC Cooperative Extension, Yolo County; C. Pease is former Staff Research Associate, UC Davis, and currently Agronomist, Oregon Vineyard Supply, McMinnville, Ore. C. Kremen is Associate Professor, UC Berkeley.

author notes

We thank the UC Davis Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program, Yolo County growers, the Yolo County Resource Conservation District and Irene Wibawa for assistance with this study.