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Peer-reviewed Article

Citrus growers vary in their adoption of biological control


Kelly A. Grogan, University of Florida
Rachael E. Goodhue, UC Davis

publication information

California Agriculture 66(1):29-36. DOI: 10.3733/ca.E.v066n01p29. January-March 2012.

author affiliations

K.A. Grogan is Assistant Professor, Food and Resource Economics Department, University of Florida; R.E. Goodhue is Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis, and Member, Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics.

author notes

The authors thank Karen Klonsky and Richard De Moura for input on survey content and format, the respondents for completing the survey, and the UC Gianni ni Foundation of Agricultural Economics and the Jastro-Shields Award for funding. The authors also thank Lisa Bennett, Christine Carroll, Sarah Flores, Conner Mullally, Katie Pittenger, Libby McNiven, Ricky Volpe and Cassondra Yarlott for invaluable help with assembling the survey.