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As a peer-reviewed journal of the University of California, California Agriculture makes its original research and news content freely available. Our entire text and backfile is posted at this Web site, and is indexed at numerous highly visible databases, including open-access Web sites. As each edition is published, the articles are posted at numerous databases, indexers and at the California Digital Library’s eScholarship Repository.

Rights & Permissions

California Agriculture Copyright Statement

Articles published herein may be reprinted, provided no advertisement for a commercial product is implied or imprinted. Please credit California Agriculture, University of California, citing volume and number, or complete date of issue, followed by inclusive page numbers. Indicate ©[[date]] The Regents of the University of California. Photographs may not be reprinted without permission.

Rights to Authors

Authors are the initial owners of the copyrights to their works, unless the authors, as a condition of employment, have agreed to transfer copyright to their employer.

Article Submission Agreement for California Agriculture journal

Authors submitting to California Agriculture journal accept the following conditions as part of the article submission agreement.

I warrant as follows: 

  1. That I have the full power and authority to make this agreement;
  2. That the Work does not infringe any copyright, nor violate any proprietary rights, nor contain any libelous matter, nor invade the privacy of any person or third party; and
  3. That no right in the Work has in any way been sold, mortgaged, or otherwise disposed of, and that the Work is free from all liens and claims.

I understand that once a peer-reviewed Work is deposited in the repository, it may not be removed.

For authors who are not employees of the University of California:

I agree to hold The Regents of the University of California, the Organized Research Unit, and its agents harmless from any claim, action, or proceeding alleging facts that constitute a breach of any warranty enumerated in this paragraph, and further agree to indemnify The Regents, the Organized Research Unit, and its agents against expenses and attorney’s fees that may be incurred in defense against each claim, action, or proceeding.

Conditions of Acceptance

When a paper is accepted for publication in California Agriculture journal, it is understood that:

  1. Informed consent was obtained for studies on humans after the nature and possible consequences of the studies were explained.
  2. Care of experimental animals was in accordance with institutional guidelines.
  3. Photos depict situations that conform to relevant regulatory code, if any.
  4. Authors retain copyright but agree to grant to California Agriculture journal (and the eScholarship Repository and UC Regents) a nonexclusive license to publish the paper in print and online.
  5. Images submitted by manuscript authors for publication in California Agriculture may be added to the ANR Communication Services Media Library and/or shared with other media that cover the author's research (newspapers, magazines, etc.). If you do NOT agree to the reuse of your images, please indicate this in your cover letter.
  6. Authors agree to disclose all affiliations, funding sources, and financial or management relationships that could be perceived as potential sources of bias.
  7. The paper will not be released to the press or the public before publication.

You will be asked to click Accept if you accept the policies and terms of this agreement, and continue with the next step in the submission process.

You will also be able to click Decline if you do not accept the terms.

Our origins...

California Agriculture journal is a publication of the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, part of the land-grant university system.  The Morrill Land Grant Act of 1862 entrusted the land-grant universities in every state to “bring the university to the people.”