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Issue Articles Type Date Added
2016 January Diggings

In this issue:

Presentation Day

Club Tips

Upcoming Events

Calif State News

Supporting 4-H

4-H Tip of the Month

New 4-H Uniform

Fair Dates

2015 Record Book Winners

ARBA National Convention

Presentation Day Forms

PDF 1/14/16
May Diggings 2015

Inside This Issue:    

Associate Director Update

Club Meetings

Council Meetings

Fair Dates

Upcoming Events

County-Wide 4-H Dinner & Bingo

2nd Generation Dinner & Auction

4-H Tip of the Month



PDF 5/11/15
April Diggings 2015

Inside this issue:

• Shooting Sports Ambassador
• Club & Council Meetings and Fair Dates
• Upcoming Events
• Higher Education Scholarships
• S.E.T., Animal Science, & Citizenship Updates
• Volunteers & Parents
• 4-H Home Arts Day
• Swine Day
• County-Wide 4-H Dinner & Bingo
• 2nd Generation Dinner & Auction
• And Much More

PDF 4/10/15
March Diggings 2015


  • Dandelion Days 
  • Fair Dates 
  • Club Meetings 
  • Council Meetings 
  • 4-H Throwdown & Cooking Matters 
  • Upcoming Events 
  • You See Davis 
  • Higher Education Scholarships 
  • Stories from the Field 
  • S.E.T., Animal Science, and Citizenship Updates 
  • Volunteers & Parents Page
  • Presentation Day
  • 4-H Home Arts Expo
  • Shooting Sports Ambassador
PDF 3/11/15
December Diggings 2014


Presentation Day Workshop—1/8

Club Meetings

Club Council Meetings

Animal Science Symposium

Study Abroad

Upcoming Events

Amador County Record Book Competition

Stories from the Field

Volunteer Development: Project Planning

ORB Café—2/21


Dairy Goat Field Day

First 5: Children’s Holiday Festival

4-H Tip of the Month

PDF 12/5/14
2014 September Diggings

Club Meetings



PDF 9/27/14
May Diggings 2014

Inside this Issue:

Record Book Workshop—5/15

Porcine Epidemic

Upcoming Events

4-H Camp

Club Meetings

Club Council Meetings

State Fair Dates

Amador Fair Deadlines

Shooting Sports

Pistol Training

State Field Day

PDF 5/9/14
March/April Diggings 2014

Inside this Issue

Porcine Epidemic

Club Meetings

Record Book Workshop—5/15

State Fair Dates

Amador Fair Deadlines

Upcoming Events

4-H Camp

Activity Page

Shooting Sports

Pistol Training

Day of Science and Service

Small Animal Field Day

World Ag Expo

Presidential Address

PDF 4/14/14
February Diggings - 2014

In this issue of the Diggings:

  • Amador County Presentation Day
  • County-Wide Pollinator Project
  • Club Reports
  • Club Meetings
  • Amador County 4-H Tack Swap
  • Western Classic Dairy Show
  • Amador County Fair Update
  • Amador County 4-H Club Council Update
  • Home Arts Expo
  • 4-H Kids Activity Page – NEW!!!
  • Volunteer Development Day
  • Upcoming Events
  • Youth Summit
  • CA State 4-H Ambassadors
  • 4-H Uniform Contest
  • Clover Count – NEW!!! – Kids, count all the 4-H Clovers to win a prize!
PDF 2/11/14
January Diggings 2014

Happy New Year!


Inside this issue:


Amador Youth Poultry Show

County wide projects

Presentation Day

Sub Regional Presentation Day

4-H Camp

Amador Farm Day

PDF 1/7/14
September Diggings 2013

In this issue of the Diggings:

  • Concours d'Elegance
  • Enrollment deadline is FAST approaching
  • Goat Day
  • Associated Show Camp
  • Amador County Farm Day
  • 2014 State Field Day

Don't miss important dates.

PDF 9/9/13
June/July Diggings 2013

This issue of the Diggings:

  • Introduction to our two new All-Stars
  • Cal-Am Goat Showmanship
  • State Leadership Forum
  • 2nd Generation tickets on sale now!
  • Amador County 4-H By Laws-review
  • New Emerald Star papers-review
  • New All Star papers-review

Don't forget the new closing dates for entries in the Amador County Fair this year is June 28th!

PDF 6/7/13
May Diggings 2013

Another jam packed newsletter for your 4-H year

  • 2nd Generation Dinner tickets on sale now!
  • Jennifer's Corner
  • Record Book News
  • Calendar of upcoming events

Much more!

PDF 5/9/13
April Diggings 2013

Archery/Shooting Sports Safety Training April 12th 6 PM

Regional Presentation Day

April 11th @ 6 pm Amador County Fair Board will decide if mini members (8 and under will sell fryers and meat birds in 2014)

Jennifer's Corner


This and much more

PDF 4/9/13
March Diggings 2013

Lots of new information in this issue!

  • Home Expo
  • Rabbit show updates
  • Updated calendar of events
  • In it to win it goat show
  • and much, much more 
PDF 3/8/13
February Diggings 2013

In this exciting issue of the Diggings:

  • Amador County Presentation Winners!
  • Upcoming CAL-AM Goat seminar
  • Open Schooling shows
  • Leaders Forum
  • much much more!
PDF 2/10/13
January Diggings 2013

Happy New Year!

Make copies of the new Diggings for your 4-H members. Please "Like" us on Facebook for the most up to date information. 


Inside this edition you will find:

  • Presentation Day Training
  • 4-H State Horse Classic Planning Team

and much, much more!

PDF 1/10/13
November/December Diggings 2012

We have combined the last 2 months of 2012 into one issue. Don't miss out!

  • Amador County Youth Poultry Show Entries due Monday Nov. 19th
  • Presentation Day information
  • Willow Springs wins at Cow Palace
  • Much more inside this issue

See you next year!

PDF 11/16/12
October 2012 Diggings

This issue:

State Fashion Revue

State Field Day

2012 Amador County Record Book Winners

much much more!

PDF 10/22/12
September 2012 Diggings

Don't miss out on all of the interesting goings on:

  1. Enrollment & Waiver
  2. Associated Feed Junior Livestock Camp
  3. 4-H Horse Day UC Davis
  4. 1st ever Farm Day in Amador

and many more things

PDF 9/10/12
August 2012 Diggings

We go over:

  • Introduction from Jennifer Goerlitz
  • fee waivers
  • enrollment
  • Record books
  • Concord d'elegance
  • Photo links for pen set up & Fair

Start your new 4-H year off right

PDF 8/13/12
May 2012 Diggings
  • 2nd Generation Dinner info
  • Horse Judge Training
  • Jlac News
  • Instructions for Showorks (online fair site)
PDF 5/14/12
April 2012 Diggings

In this issue:

job opening
River Cat's AG day
Meat Bird Seminar

and much much more!


PDF 4/7/12
March 2012 Diggings

Lot's of info in this months Diggings.

Here is just a few upcoming 4-H Dates:

  •  Feed Barn Chicken Seminar 3/28 5 pm
  • Rancher’s Outlet Feed Seminar 4/4 6 pm
  • 4-H Home Arts Expo 4/21 10 am
  • Kennedy Mind history Days 5/17 9 am
PDF 3/6/12
February 2012 Diggings

Look for Fair Premium Book changes, Fair Fundraiser Fair Aide, Presentation Day results, Goat Day at UC Davis and much more!

PDF 2/7/12
Jan 2012 The Diggings

Presentation Day Training Jan. 14th 3-5
Record Book Training Feb 4th 3-5
Sub Regionals  Feb 4th 8-12
Rabbit, Cavy & Poultry Field Day Feb 11th
4-H Extravaganza Feb 11th 6-8
Goats 4 Sale
Goat Day UC Davis Jan 21st
And much more

PDF 1/10/12
November/December Diggings 2011

Online enrollment instructions, Presentation Day, Amador Youth Poultry Show, 4-H Extravaganza, Record Books, State Fashion Revue, Rancher's Outlet new hours, and much more!

PDF 11/5/11
August 2011 The Diggings

Record Books are due, New online enrollment, Concours d'elegance, Schooling Show Fundraiser

PDF 8/30/11
June/July Diggings 2011 Fair work days, 2nd Generation Dinner, Battle of the Bands flyer, Whites Exchange, AC 4-H Website forms and info PDF 6/13/11
May 2011 The Diggings New fair info, dates to remember, Ethics info, Home Arts Expo results, Fair fundraiser Riding Schooling show, community service needed at fairgrounds, 4-H to host Buyer's Brunch PDF 4/2/08
April 2011 The Diggings Quality Assurance Training, Fair Sponsorship, 2nd Generation Dinner, Calif History PDF 3/12/08
March 2011 The Diggings 4-H Home Expo, Rabbit & Cavie Field Day, 4-H Awards & Pins and what they look like, 4-H 2011 Horse Classic, Amador County Fair Premium Book updates PDF 3/4/11
February 2011 The Diggings Presentation Day & Sub Regional Day results, Shooting Sports contests, All Star applications, Field Day info and much more! PDF 2/15/08
January 2011 The Diggings We have a ton of new information in this issue:Sub-regional enrollment forms, Presentation Day, Fiddletown Fundraiser & Youth Poultry Show plus updated calendar PDF 1/6/11
November/December 2010 The Diggings Presentation Day, Fiddletown Club Fundraiser, California & Washington Focus, Attitude is everything, 4-H Winter Extravaganza PDF 11/10/10
October 2010 The Diggings Check out the results from our County Record Book Competition and info on Achievement Night PDF 10/11/10
September The Diggings 2010 Sheep Field Day, Club Updates, and much more! PDF 9/10/10
August 2010 The Diggings Don't forget to turn in your record books so your 4-H year counts. If you did the work you might as well get rewarded for it! Look for registrations for the Concours d`elegance & Possibility Speaking Project. Check out what is happening with 4-H for the year on page 5 PDF 8/13/10
June 2010 The Diggings Newest info for Amador County! Look to the back pages for Fair Schedules PDF 6/11/10
May 2010 The Diggings Fair Forms and information. Home Expo winners and much more! PDF 5/12/10
April 2010 The Diggings Chuck full of info about upcoming feed seminars, Cal Am Spectacular Show, Kennedy Mine Pioneer Days, Amador County Fair has some important information on page 5. Don't forget to print The Diggings out for your community club meeting to share wit those that do not have internet access. PDF 4/10/10
March 2010 The Diggings Support fellow 4-Her's adopt ducks! PDF 3/29/10
February 2010 The 4-H Diggings Check it out! Lot's of new info with 3 entry forms enclosed. PDF 2/27/10
January 2010 Diggings PDF 1/11/10
November/December 2009 The Diggings PDF 12/1/09
October 2009 4-H The Diggings PDF 10/21/09
July 2009 4-H The Diggings PDF 10/21/09
June 2009 4-H The Diggings PDF 10/21/09
May 2009 4-H The Diggings PDF 10/21/09
April 2009 4-H The Diggings PDF 10/21/09
March 2009 4-H The Diggings PDF 10/21/09
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