Delta Region Areawide Aquatic Weed Project
Delta Region Areawide Aquatic Weed Project
Delta Region Areawide Aquatic Weed Project
University of California
Delta Region Areawide Aquatic Weed Project


The California Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta hosts many unique ecosystems and forms the hub of California’s water supply. The invasion of aquatic weeds threatens ecosystems, impedes restoration efforts, and is economically and sociologically detrimental to the Delta.

NASA Ames Research Center
California Dept of Parks & Recreation - Division of Boating & Waterways
California Dept of Food & Agriculture
Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy
University of California, Davis
Local mosquito vector control districts
General areas of study
Weed mapping tools
Management techniques and strategies
Weed effects on ecosystems, native plants, and water quality
Biological control agents
Effects of weeds on mosquito populations


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Figure 1. An Egeria flower in an experimental tank. Photo: Maribel Portilla. Aquatic weed may reduce survival of mosquito larvae
Posted 6/9/2017 - Mosquito research by Maribel Portilla and Sharon Lawler recently included an experiment on how Egeria, or Brazilian water weed, affects mosquito populations. Egeria is a submersed aquatic weed that can cause problems in channels and irrigation waterways....

Figure 3. Pre and post-treatment biovolume maps and change detection for Owl Harbor (Site 20). The biovolume color scale ranges from 0% (blue) to 100% (red) at 5% increments. The change detection color scale ranges from 100% reduction (teal) to no change (white) to 100% increase (red) at 10% increments. Quantifying efficacy of submersed aquatic vegetation management in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
Posted 5/8/2017 - Micheal Finnell is an Environmental / GIS Assistant with California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways.   OBJECTIVES To provide quantitative metrics of herbicide treatment efficacy for the Division of Boating and Waterways' Submersed...

Arundo damaged by armored scale New biological control agent targeting arundo released and established in Delta watersheds
Posted 4/7/2017 - The giant invasive grass arundo (Arundo donax), one of the weeds targeted under the USDA-ARS-funded Delta Region Areawide Aquatic Weed Project (DRAAWP), has been re-acquainted with one of its natural enemies imported from arundo's native range. A tiny...


Mark your calendars for a one-day science symposium on Invasive Species at UC Davis on August 29 co-sponsored by the Delta Interagency Invasive Species Coordination (DIISC) Team, the Delta Stewardship Council’s Delta Science Program, and UC Davis. Please see the announcement for details.

Dr. Lars Anderson will be teaching "Biology and Management of Invasive Aquatic Plants" at UC Davis in fall quarter 2017. This will be a new course (?), Plant Sciences 178.


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