UCCE 4-H Program of El Dorado County
University of California
UCCE 4-H Program of El Dorado County

Countywide Projects

2017/2018 4-H Program Year

Project Definitions - Projects may vary. Check with your Community Club Leader for current list offered by your club.

Countywide Projects are open to all clubs. Please email the leader to get information about the project, dates & times.

Note: Projects are added to this list as we hear back from the project leader. Please check back periodically for an update of projects. 


Countywide Projects 2017 -2018

Aerospace & Rocketry: Foothill Grizzlies, Project Leader: Evan Shipman, theshipmanfamily@att.net

All Star Leadership: Southside Topnotch, Project Leader: Deanne Repetto, rockyridge@jps.net 

Birds Poultry - Beginning: Shingle Springers, Project Leader: Tristan Kleinknight, tkleinknight@buckeyeusd.org  Poultry - Beginner Focus Information Sheet 2

Ceramics & Clay Arts: Project Leader: Margaret Gwinnup, m.gwinnup@att.net
Working with greenware that has already been poured. Learn to clean, glaze or paint the piece and the firing process. 

Citizenship: Project Leader: Vera M. Bullard, vmbullard@ucanr.edu

Computers & Internet Digital Arts: Latrobe Outlanders, Project Leader: Jacob Gray, jacob.gray78@gmail.com 

Dog - Agility: Southside Topnotch, Project Leaders: Jill Gustafson/Sandy Z., pvfarmsjag@aol.com 

GIS/GPS: Project Leader: LeeAnne Mila, lmila@aol.com 
GPS is a navigational system that can accurately locate your position. GIS is a computer program for storing, retrieving, analyzing and displaying spatial data.

Goats - Dairy Mini: Rescue Up N Comin, Project Leader: Sharon White, sdrwhite@yahoo.com

Goats - Dairy Large: Foothill Grizzlies, Project Leader: Denise Jones, marybellefarms@yahoo.com

Goats - Meat: Foothill Grizzlies, Project Leader: Denise Jones, marybellefarms@yahoo.com

Goats - Nigerian Dwarf: Latrobe Outlanders, Co-Project Leaders: Gene Boring, geneboring@gmail.com & Denise Jones, marybellefarms@yahoo.com

Goats - Pack: Rescue area, Project Leader: Cherri White, whitepackgoat@yahoo.com

Goats - Pygmy: Shingle Springers, Project Leader: Laurie Richardson, lauriejr5@gmail.com

Llama: Latrobe Outlanders, Project Leader: Steve Katzakian, katak92@gmail.com

Rabbits: Southside Topnotch, Project Leader: Amy Higdon, amyhigdon1@yahoo.com

Rabbits - Market: Shingle Springers, Project Leader: Danelle Hoseman, danelleah1@yahoo.com

Rabbit - Agility: Mt. High Homeschoolers, Project Leader: Jennifer Cowles, cowlesclan@yahoo.com

Sports - Disc Golf: Foothill Grizzlies, Project Leader: Evan Shipman, theshipmanfamily@att.net

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