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UCCE Master Gardeners of El Dorado County

Public Education Classes

Master Gardeners offer free classes most Saturdays of the year. No advance registration is needed.

Download the 2015 Master Gardener Public Education Class Schedule for El Dorado County.

  • Classes start at 9:00 and usually run until Noon, unless otherwise noted.
  • Please call to confirm the class location or check this website; the location may change due to circumstances beyond our control.

2015 UCCE Master Gardeners of El Dorado County's November Classes

14: Noxious Weeds Instructor: Stephen Savage - 9:00 am - noon

Invasive, or noxious weeds have multiple impacts on our environment. They are capable of out competing existing vegetation, spreading rapidly and becoming the only plant species growing in an area. These weeds are extremely competitive with native plant species, which can affect our wildlife habitats. Noxious weeds diminish crop production and can adversely damage our recreational areas. Find out what can be done with such persistent vegetation in our county.

Location: Government Center Hearing Room, Building C, 2850 Fairlane Court, Placerville

14: Saturdays in the Veggie Garden with Barry Instructor: Stephen Savage - 10:00 am - noon - Sherwood Demonstration Garden Class

The November walk through will consist of planting bush and climbing peas.  We'll also review what was planted during the class of Oct. 17th.  We'll discuss the four cover crops that were planted and see how the bulb garden (shallots, onions, garlic) is progressing. Other crops that are producing now are beets, carrots, rutabagas, lettuce and strawberries.

Location: Sherwood Demonstration Garden, Folsom Lake College - El Dorado Center, 6699 Campus Drive, Placerville

2015 UCCE Master Gardeners of El Dorado County's December Classes

5: Planting Fruit Trees Instructors: Walt Miller & Pam Lane - 9:00 am - noon

Do you know how to prune your trees to keep them at a size that is both practical and which will produce the most fruit? Insight into choosing varieties and cultivars appropriate for each attendee's tastes and location will be presented. Both instructors have been UCCE trained with many years experience with these types of trees in our county. The class will stress the development of small fruit trees, about 6 - 8 feet high, commonly called “fruit bushes,” and the difference between genetic dwarfs and trees that are "dwarfed.”

Location: Sherwood Demonstration Garden, 6699 Campus Drive (Behind FLC EDC), Placerville

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