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UCCE Master Gardeners of El Dorado County

Public Education Classes

Master Gardeners offer free classes most Saturdays of the year. No advance registration is needed.

Download the 2015 Master Gardener Public Education Class Schedule for El Dorado County - March - June.

  • Classes start at 9:00 and usually run until Noon, unless otherwise noted.
  • Please call to confirm the class location or check this website; the location may change due to circumstances beyond our control.

2015 UCCE Master Gardeners of El Dorado County's April Classes

4/24-26 Look for our booth during The Home and Garden Show at the Placerville Fairgrounds. We will be available to answer all of your home gardening questions!

4/25 Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater Use  - Instructor: Alice Cantelow

Tap into free water sources that are readily available on your own property: rainwater and greywater. You will learn various methods of collecting and utilizing rain, including rain gardens. Master Gardener Alice Cantelow will also tell you how to safely and legally use greywater—the water from your clothes washer, shower and bathroom sinks. Real life examples from our area will be discussed.

Location: Government Center Hearing Room, Building C, 2850 Fair Lane Ct., Placerville

2015 UCCE Master Gardeners of El Dorado County's May Classes

5/9 Water Efficient Gardening - Instructors: Steve Savage

Join Master Gardener and retired meteorologist Steve Savage to explore how water moves in plants; the effects of soils, fertilizing, and mulch; when to water; creating hydro-zones; measuring water loss; programming irrigation controllers; conserving water; rain harvesting; and how to design an irrigation plan. Special emphasis on drought tolerant plants including trees, shrubs, perennials, and ground covers is included.

Location: Bethell-Delfino Agriculture Building, 311 Fair Lane, Placerville

5/13 Can You Eat Your Landscaping? - Instructors: Gail Fulbeck/Debbie Hillel

Edible landscapes are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. An edible landscape means many of the plants around your home will have edible fruits, foliage, flowers, or roots. Join the Master Gardeners as they present this class on Edible Landscaping to help you explore your options. Learn which herbs, trees, and shrubs taste and look good in the landscape . . . and you may find new meaning in “going out to eat”!

Location: Cameron Park Community Center, 2502 Country Club Dr., Cameron Park

5/16 Worms - Instructors: Campbell/Fulbeck/Young

Join Master Gardeners Merry Campbell, Gail Fulbeck and Cindy Young for this presentation on how to use these hardworking friends of all gardeners, the worms. Learn how worms can rapidly break down kitchen waste to make worm compost, one of the best organic fertilizers possible. Covered also will be the types of worms needed, how to harvest the compost and how to set up a worm bin.

Location: Veterans Memorial Building, 130 Placerville Drive

5/30 Cottage Garden - Instructor: Eve Keener

Cottage gardens are both utilitarian and beautiful. Learn from Master Gardener Eve Keener the art of mixing fruit, vegetables, herbs, and perennial and annual flowers in this informal garden style. Overflowing with plants, a carefully planned cottage garden can add charm to a small lot or a larger garden plot.

Location: Sherwood Demonstration Garden, 6699 Campus Dr., Placerville

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