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Grown Local Marin County
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Grown Local Marin County

GROWN LOCAL Marin County

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If you have questions or would like more information, please call AIM at (415)472-6100 or UCCE Marin at (415)473-4204.

GROWN LOCAL Marin County is a collaborative effort of agricultural organizations and producers in Marin County. It is a part of a growing effort focused on building and supporting locally owned businesses in Marin County.

What does GROWN LOCAL Marin mean?
GROWN LOCAL partners are Marin-based producers of agricultural products.  The GROWN LOCAL badge helps you clearly identify food producers who are based right here in Marin County. Local farmers and ranchers themselves helped to develop the GROWN LOCAL badge to let consumers know they are working hard to grow and raise fresh, healthy food right in your backyard.

Buying locally-produced food is good for your body, for the earth, and for our local economy.  Because your food doesn’t travel long distances to get to you, it is more nutritious.  Fewer fossil fuels are used in distribution and shipping when you buy local.  Supporting GROWN LOCAL helps keep farming families in business and our dollars in our own communities.

What Can You Do?
Ask questions. Find out where your food is grown, how it is grown, and who grows it.  Ask for local food at your local grocery store and restaurants. By shopping locally and supporting local farmers and ranchers you can truly feel good about what you eat.

About Agriculture in Marin:
Approximately 167,000 acres in Marin are farms or ranches. This amounts to 50 percent of the land in Marin. The average size of a farm in Marin is 523 acres, and operations range from first generation to fifth generation family-owned farms.
Marin farmers and ranchers produce a wide variety of products including dairy and meat products, fruits and vegetables, grapes, and aquaculture.

GROWN LOCAL Marin is sponsored by Marin County Board of Supervisors and administered by Agricultural Institute of Marin and the Grown Local Committee. GROWN LOCAL Marin is a partner of the Sonoma County GO LOCAL Cooperative.

When you see the GROWN LOCAL Marin badge, you can be certain the product was grown in Marin.

List of Participating Marin Farmers & Ranchers

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