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KAC Citrus Entomology
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KAC Citrus Entomology

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Title Eusieus tularensis
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Photo Information Scientific Name: Eusieus tularensis
Resource: Statewide Integrated Pest Management Project, University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Mary Louise Flint and Steve H. Dreistadt
Source: CD 6002; Slide Set 98.104, Slide 157; Publication 3386, Page 107
Media Library Number: 6002_98104_0157.jpg
Pest & Disease Management
Pest & Disease Management:Insects
Notes: Eusieus tularensis
Eusieus tularensis preying on a citrus thrips nymph. It also feeds on citrus red mite and pollen and is active during the spring and fall flushes of new citrus growth. If citrus needs to be sprayed for thrips control, sabadilla, ryan
Clark, Jack Kelly
Principal Photographer
Communication Services and Information Technology
Description Eusieus tularensis: Natural Enemies Handbook

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