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KAC Citrus Entomology
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KAC Citrus Entomology


The goal is to prevent the flightless beetle from gaining access to the fruit of the tree and laying eggs under the button. 

Best management strategies:

1. Prune the skirts of the trees at least 24" to limit access of the canopy by fuller rose beetles to the trunk.  Recheck the skirts during the season to make sure they don't touch the ground.

2. Treat the trunk of the tree with insecticide starting in June.  The current recommendation is to treat the trunk with 80 oz/acre Brigade WSB (0.5 lbs ai) applied uniformly (up and down once) to the lower 12-18" (avoiding irrigation).  Because this insecticide is not registered for citrus fruit, the wand system in combination with pruning is required to prevent splashing the insecticide on the fruit.  This treatment should last 12-16 weeks.  Efforts are under way to obtain a 24c registration of Brigade that would allow a second application at the end of the 16 weeks. 

3. Foliar treatment applied during Sep 1-15 of Actara, Sevin or Kryocide to kill adult fuller rose beetles that bypass the trunk treatment. Be aware of MRLs in making your choices.

Information on FRB Management

Research from the 1980s

Griffiths et al: 1986 Citrograph on Pruning for FRB

Morse et al: 1987 Circular on FRB Management

Haney and Morse: 1988 Efficacy of Treatments

Presentations and handouts from the June 2013 CCQC meeting

Beth Grafton-Cardwell ppt presentation:

Adult and Egg Bioassay Data PPT

Joseph Morse ppt presentation and handouts:

FRB Treatment Options PPT

Handouts June 2013

FRB general information

Degree day handout


Spray Wand Assembly

Specifications for the wand assembly for 12 inch trunks:

1. Use 1/2" metal electrical conduit (pvc pip can be used but the longer lengths may need reinforcement).  Lengths are shown in the attached Trunk Spray Wand Measurements.

2. Tee Jet 11002 nozzles.

3. Trigger adapted from a small hand held sprayer.

4. Angle of spray head to handle is 22.5o.

5. Sprayer must have mechanical agitation to keep the Brigade in solution.  PSI is adjusted to provide a spray that does not drift or splash onto foliage.


Nozzle assembly
Nozzle assembly



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