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Solution Center for Nutrient Management
Solution Center for Nutrient Management
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Solution Center for Nutrient Management

Nutrient management online discussion forums

To facilitate discussion around nutrient management practices and research, we are hosting a series of online discussion forums for farmers, researchers, consultants, and other agricultural professionals.

These "Virtual Field Days" focus on specific nutrient management topics. They will feature farmers, UC farm advisors and researchers who will help provide resources and answers to questions, and share their own experience with different management practices.   Virtual Field Days will be seasonally- and topic-specific.

Virtual Field Days: Nutrient Management in times of drought

Starting in November 2014 and continuing throughout 2015, we will host our first series of online discussions in collaboration with FarmsReach and Sustainable Conservation.  These online discussions will be hosted on the already robust discussion platform provided by

These forums, dedicated to the issues farmers will face, are an opportunity to share resources, research, and ideas for success.

 The Nutrient Management Solutions Series will offer the agriculture community:

  • Online presentations,videos or Q&A with farmers and advisors in nutrient management and soil fertility
  • Facilitated online discussions moderated by series panelists. (Join the Nutrient Management Solutions Group on FarmsReach to participate.)
  • A new “Soil Nutrient Management Toolkit” on FarmsReach, with selected practical resources and info sheets for farmers of all crop and product types.
  • New resources on Nutrient Management added to the Solution Center website.

Next Virtual Field Day: 

April 6-17

Nutrient Management In Times of Drought: Dairy Forage Crops


Join anytime!  Share your knowledge, ask questions, discover resources.

For updates and announcements, or to share your ideas for the Nutrient Management Solutions Series, sign up for free at (it takes minutes).

You can also go directly to the online group within FarmsReach:, and follow news on Twitter at #AgSolutionCenter.

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