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ANR Program Support Unit
University of California
ANR Program Support Unit


Reserve the Valley Conference Rooms at 2801 Second Street

1. Application to reserve the Valley Conference Rooms for a larger event.

2. Quick request for meeting space.

Download more information about the meeting rooms

Request PSU Assistance or Equipment

1. Request PSU Assistance for a large or complex event.

2. Quick request for catering or meeting room reservations.

3. Submit a request to borrow equipment or signage.

  • Ice - we have a large ice machine in the catering area
  • Beverage buckets
  • Extension Cords
  • Easels
  • Portable field microphones
  • Signage - registration signs, ANR branded pull up signage
  • Banners - Floor and tabletop banners (view photographs of easels to determine which you'd like to use)
  • ANR branded table drapes
  • Projectors and laptops for meetings held outside the ANR building

Calendar of Upcoming PSU Supported Events

Event Name

Photos from PSU Supported Events

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