ANR Program Support Unit
University of California
ANR Program Support Unit

About the Program Support Unit

ANR's Program Support Unit was developed to provide programmatic support in key areas to those working in the area of initiatives, programmatic and advocacy efforts, statewide programs, and leadership groups within ANR.

Check out this short PowerPoint presentation to find out more about what we do for ANR.

If you are uncertain whether we can assist you, feel free to contact us to discuss.

Event Planning and Management
Provide support for workshops, conferences, and symposia that are of regional or statewide scope.

Meeting Preparation, Facilitation and Note Taking for ANR Leadership Groups
Provide meeting agenda development, facilitation and note taking assistance for ANR efforts, such as Program Council, Executive Working Group, and others as requested by ANR leadership.

Strategic Initiatives
Work with the leaders of the Strategic Initiatives to plan, coordinate and conduct meetings of advisory teams and other groups to facilitate the development and implementation of the Initiative missions and programs.

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