UC ANR Strategic Initiatives
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UC ANR Strategic Initiatives

UC ANR Strategic Initiatives

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Making a Difference in California

Rising to the Challenge.
California faces many challenges, such as fire, water shortages, college readiness and poor nutrition. UC ANR’s five Strategic initiatives (SIs) are the umbrellas that focus our efforts; bringing the power of science to deliver practical solutions to help California.

Public Value. Supporting our seven Public Value Statements, our SIs help build our state economy, protect our natural resources, build our people and communities and ensure we have safe food.

Role and Members. Our Strategic Initiatives help unify, communicate and advocate for the work we do; bringing together the work of the


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Impact Stories

Learn about activities under the SIs at: UC Delivers

UC ANR members can share the impact of their work - it's easy. Click here to find out how.

Funding opportunities

See funding opportunities listed with UC ANR Contracts & Grants

See Opportunity & Matching grants (small grants to help with urgent time-sensitive needs)

See ANR Renewable Resources Extension Act (RREA) Program RFP


Strategic Initiatives

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