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Endemic and Invasive Pests and Diseases Panel Members

Initiative Leader

Photo of Cheryl A. Wilen Ph.D. Cheryl A. Wilen Ph.D.
Title: Area Integrated Pest Management Advisor. Also: IPM Extension Coordinator for Natrual Resources; Endemic and Invasive Pests and Diseases Strategic Initiative Leader
Specialty: Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for ornamental plant production and maintenance including nurseries, greenhouses, field production, floriculture, turf and landscape, pesticide reduction and alternatives. Research specialty in weed management, snails & slugs.
Notes: cell: 949-338-1842

For Home Gardening Pest Questions contact your local UC Master Gardener In San Diego:(858) 822-6910; Los Angeles:(626) 586-1988 mglosangeleshelpline@ucdavis.edu; Orange: email the OC MGs using hotline@uccemg.com For other counties see http://camastergardeners.ucdavis.edu/California_Counties_MG_Websites/ for phone number or email.
Phone: (858) 822-7795
Email: cawilen@ucanr.edu


Panel Members

Specialty: Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Phone: 5596881731
Email: saly@ucdavis.edu


Photo of Elizabeth J Fichtner Elizabeth J Fichtner
Title: Farm Advisor
Specialty: Orchard Systems
Phone: (559) 684-3310
Email: ejfichtner@ucanr.edu


Photo of Matteo M. Garbelotto Ph.D. Matteo M. Garbelotto Ph.D.
Title: Extension Specialist in Forest Pathology and Adjunct Professor
Specialty: Forest pathology and mycology
Phone: (510) 643-4282
Email: matteog@berkeley.edu


Photo of Jeremy J James Jeremy J James
Title: SFREC Center Director
Specialty: Range Management
Phone: (530) 639-8803
Email: jjjames@ucanr.edu


Photo of Rachael Freeman Long Rachael Freeman Long
Title: Farm Advisor for Field Crops, Pest Management
Specialty: Pest management, agronomy, dry beans, alfalfa, water quality, oil seed crops
Phone: (530) 666-8734
Email: rflong@ucanr.edu


Dr Maurice Pitesky
Title: Assistant Specialist
Specialty: Poultry Health and Food Safety Epidemiology
Phone: 530-752-3215
Email: mepitesky@ucdavis.edu


Photo of Richard A Redak Richard A Redak
Title: Entomologist Professor & Chair
Specialty: Integrated management of insect pests on commercial floricultural and ornamental plants, ecology of plant-insect interactions within the urban/natural/agricultural interface, community ecology of insects, conservation biology
Phone: (951) 827-7250
Email: richard.redak@ucr.edu


Photo of Emily J. Symmes Ph.D. Emily J. Symmes Ph.D.
Title: Area IPM Advisor
Specialty: Integrated pest management
Phone: 530-538-7201
Email: ejsymmes@ucanr.edu


Photo of Becky B Westerdahl Becky B Westerdahl
Title: CE Specialist   Professor
Specialty: Applied nematology, integrated pest management
Phone: (530) 320-7213
Email: bbwesterdahl@ucdavis.edu


Communications Liaison

Photo of Jeannette E. Warnert Jeannette E. Warnert
Title: Communications Specialist
Specialty: Web content, writing; California Naturalist
Phone: (559) 646-6074
Email: jewarnert@ucanr.edu


Contact Information

To learn more about this initiative, contact the Initiative Leader, Cheryl Wilen

For media inquiries, contact the Communications Liaison, Jeannette Warnert.

Webmaster Email: mozbell@ucanr.edu