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Healthy Families & Communities Panel Members

Initiative Leader

Photo of Keith C. Nathaniel Ed.D. Keith C. Nathaniel Ed.D.
Title: County Director & 4-H Youth Development Advisor
Specialty: Adolescent Development; Educational Planning; Social Capital and Community Networks
Notes: Mailing address: PO Box 22255, Los Angeles, CA 90022
Phone: (626) 586-1970
Email: kcnathaniel@ucanr.edu


Panel Members

Photo of Virginia Bolshakova Virginia Bolshakova
Title: Advisor
Specialty: Insect Ecology
Phone: (650) 726-9059
Email: vbolshakova@ucanr.edu


Photo of Dr Lupita Fabregas Dr Lupita Fabregas
Title: Assistant Director for Diversity & Expansion/4-H Youth Development Advisor
Specialty: Intercultural Competency, Diversity, Inclusion and Program Development
Phone: 530-750-1273
Email: lfabregas@ucanr.edu


Clare Gupta
Title: UC Cooperative Extension specialist
Phone: 650-766-7610
Email: cgupta@ucdavis.edu


Photo of Marisa Neelon Marisa Neelon
Title: Nutrition, Family & Consumer Sciences Advisor
Phone: (925) 646-6128
Email: mqneelon@ucanr.edu


Photo of Lenna Ontai Ph.D Lenna Ontai Ph.D
Title: Family and Early Childhood Specialist
Specialty: parent-child interactions; parenting; early socialization; parenting and child feeding
Phone: (530) 752-6410
Email: lontai@ucdavis.edu


Photo of Katie Panarella Katie Panarella
Title: Director, Nutrition, Family and Consumer Sciences Program & Policy
Specialty: EFNEP, Master Food Preserver Program
Phone: 530-750-1393
Email: khpanarella@ucanr.edu


Photo of Lynn Schmitt-McQuitty Lynn Schmitt-McQuitty
Title: County Director San Benito County & 4-H Youth Development Advisor
Specialty: Youth Science Literacy
Phone: 831-637-5346 x 12
Email: lschmittmcquitty@ucanr.edu


Photo of Martin H Smith Martin H Smith
Title: Specialist in Cooperative Extension, Youth Scientific Literacy
Specialty: Youth science education; scientific literacy; curriculum development; educator professional development; inquiry-based learning; experiential learning
Phone: (530) 752-6894
Email: mhsmith@ucdavis.edu


Sheri Zidenberg-Cherr
Title: CE Nutrition Science Specialist
Specialty: Nutrition and health; nutrition, diet, drug and environment interactions, child nutrition
Phone: (530) 752-3817
Email: sazidenbergcherr@ucdavis.edu


Contact Information

To learn more about this initiative, contact the Initiative Leader, Keith Nathaniel.

For media inquiries, contact the initiative's Communications Liaison Jim Downing.

Webmaster Email: mozbell@ucanr.edu