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Sustainable Food Systems

The initiative to Enhance Competitive, Sustainable Food Systems (SFS SI) states that “California agriculture’s competitiveness will critically depend on adopting new scientific and technological innovations derived from new knowledge in agriculture and nutrition.” In addition, it also indicates “Future research and educational efforts must enhance the opportunities for markets and new products.”

While the SFS SI represents one of the nine overall initiatives, it clearly crosscuts with several of the other ANR Strategic Vision initiatives. For example, sustainable food systems also depends upon 1) improving water quality, quantity, and security; 2) increasing science literacy in agriculture and nutrition; 3) enhancing California’s agricultural economy; 4) ensuring safe and secure food supplies; 5) managing pests and diseases; and 6) improving energy security and green technologies through innovative science linking agricultural science. Thus, the Sustainable Food Systems initiative is very broad and includes many of the areas outlined in the Strategic Vision.

The SFS SI Plan provides a brief background, justification and objectives of four broad areas of inquiry focused on water (which are now considered under the Water initiative); food safety; improving the competitiveness and productivity of agriculture; and supporting the sustainability of small farms (which also includes local and regional food systems and urban agriculture).  The plan, originally drafted in 2010, will be under review by the SFS SI panel in 2015.

The SFS SI’s panel represents a broad spectrum of expertise and practice.

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