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  • Water and Irrigation Improvement Funding??????

    Added June 26, 2017

    There is money out there to help with irrigation improvements.  Along with USDA funding through The Natural Resources Conservation Service and many local Resource Conservation Districts, there are often funds from the state.  In Ventura County...

  • Beeezzz Weeeeeek

    Added June 22, 2017
    bombus vosnesenskii

    Pollinator Week, June 19–25, 2017: Bee Knowledgeable!UC Statewide IPM Program Remember, the plant that contributes the pollen is the pollenizer (sometimes pollinzer or polleniser) and the animal that moves the pollen is the pollinator...

  • Citrus Seminar - Next Week

    Added June 21, 2017
    crb flyer 2017

      REGISTER TODAY!Deadline: Friday, June 23rd   CLICK HERE to register for this event      ...

  • New Newsletter News

    Added June 20, 2017

    The latest edition of Topics in Subtropics newsletter is out, Elizabeth Fichtner as editor.  Read on.   TOPICS IN THIS ISSUE:   Why has California red scale been so difficult to control? Navel Orange Nitrogen...

  • Installing a Tensiometer to Make Sure it Works

    Added June 15, 2017

    A tensiometer is one of the most wonderful devices for figuring out when to water plants.  It works equally well in orchard and garden situations.  It follows the soil moisture content as it is depleted by the plant and will tell you when it is...

  • What's Wrong with My Citrus?????????????

    Added June 14, 2017
    Orange County logo

    Hats Off. The Orange County Master Gardeners have lived up to their name with their website information on citrus. It's a truly impressive information site for not only homeowners, but also...

Avocado Production in California Books

Book 1: Background Information

In Book 1, Gary S. Bender, Farm Advisor, takes you through the history of the avocado industry in California and teaches you about grove development.

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Book 2: Cultural Care

Book 2 focuses on cultural care and includes articles on irrigation, fertilization, disease and insect control, vertebrate pest management, pruning and frost management. The author for most of the articles is Gary S. Bender, Farm Advisor for Subtropical Horticulture in San Diego County.

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