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Goal 15: Tell UC ANR's story

Goal 15 statement:

Raise awareness of UC ANR’s capabilities, accomplishments, key programs, research, and people through implementation of measurable communications strategies starting in 2017 and ongoing

Spring 2017

An external marketing/communications firm, OneWorld Communications, was hired to help with facilitation and planning in developing a strategic communications plan.

Three workshops were conducted in spring 2017. The final plan is expected to be complete in early summer.

Communications strategy: The UC ANR Promise

The strategy that emerged during the workshops was a stronger messaging focus on the UC ANR Promise

The elements of the UC ANR Promise are:

  • UC ANR is a network connecting the people of California and their University

  • Practical, non-biased research that people trust

  • Part of the community

  • Participatory model

  • Serve in a leadership role

AVP Wendy Powers wrote about the strategy in an April blog post and used the promise principles in her own Goal 5 “Public Value Statements” workshops.


The Strategic Communications team recently added a new director of news and information in Spanish, Ricardo Vela. As NOS manager, he oversees production of UC ANR radio, video and news releases for Spanish-language news media and will advise academics on effective outreach to the Latino community. Before joining UC, Vela was the news director and main anchor for KVER-TV Univision in Palm Springs.

Recruitment is underway for a new director of government and community relations. website

Strategic Communications is meeting with information technology staff to develop technical requirements for a website design implementation. In summer 2017 the team plans to re-engage the website design vendor to begin design work.

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