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Policy on memberships in organizations updated

Section 202 of the ANR Administrative Handbook, “Memberships in Organizations” has been revised to improve clarity and correct outdated information. These revisions do not change ANR’s existing policy and/or practice. The revised Section is available here. Questions regarding Section 202 may be directed as follows.

  • Cooperative Extension offices - Cherie McDougald, director – Business Operations Center, (559) 646-6518 or
  • Statewide programs, research & extension centers, and ANR service units at the UC Davis campus - Nikki Humphreys, associate director – Business Operations Center, (530) 754-8510 or
  • Oakland (OP) ANR administrative offices - Jennifer Bunge, associate director – ANR Budget Office, (510) 987-0102 or

If you would like to be informed directly of future changes to the ANR Administrative Handbook, register here.

Posted on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 10:56 AM

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