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Sharon Junge returns to retirement in March

Sharon Junge, interim statewide 4-H Youth Development Program director and Healthy Families and Communities (HFC) Strategic Initiative leader, will end her recall from ANR retirement in March. In addition to a distinguished ANR career, Junge has provided critical leadership to ANR and spearheading organizational shifts and transitions including the newly created Youth, Families and Communities (YFC) statewide program, serving on Program Council and leading the development and organization of the HFC strategic plan and conference. After a year with EFNEP in Sacramento, Junge became the 4-H Youth Development and Nutrition, Family and Consumer Sciences advisor for Placer and Nevada counties in 1972. She became county director for those counties in 1985. Junge has served as interim director for the statewide 4-H Youth Development Program since 2007.

Dave Campbell named HFC initiative leader

Dave Campbell, director of the California Communities Program and panel member of the HFC Strategic Initiative, has been appointed as the new HFC initiative leader beginning January 1. As HFC initiative leader, Campbell will serve on Program Council. He will also serve as the associate director of Research in Families and Communities and a member of the leadership team in the recently announced Youth, Families and Communities (YFC) statewide program. Recruitment for the director of the YFC program is currently under way.

Constance Schneider joins YFC leadership team

Constance Schneider, nutrition, family and consumer sciences advisor, has been appointed as chair of the leadership council of the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP), effective December 1. Schneider will provide leadership and oversight to three EFNEP advisory committees including program development and curriculum, program delivery and communications, and program evaluation and compliance. In this role, Schneider will be responsible for program implementation, outcomes, and compliance and will represent EFNEP on the new YFC leadership team.

Strategic Initiative transitions

In addition to the departure of Sharon Junge, Ian Gardner, Endemic and Invasive Pests and Diseases and Joe DiTomaso, Sustainable Food Systems are stepping down as initiative leaders. Gardner has accepted a position at University of Prince Edward Island as Canada Excellence Research Chair in Aquatic Epidemiology and will be leaving ANR in the early spring. DiTomaso has resigned as initiative leader to focus on his successful weed research and extension program. Replacements for these two initiative leaders are currently being considered by ANR senior leadership and will be announced at a later time.

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Youth, families and communities statewide program created

Dear ANR Community,

As you may be aware, each of ANR's statewide programs undergo a five-year review to assess the program's activities and impacts of the past five years, and to make recommendations for the program's future.  In May 2008, the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) underwent a programmatic review conducted by an expert committee. The review committee was charged with assessing EFNEP's program management, resource utilization, decision-making, communication, and impact in California. After lengthy analysis, the committee forwarded a thorough and well-supported recommendation that the statewide program be subject to a major restructuring effort to allow for greater collaboration and to make organizational changes to utilize ANR's resources more effectively and efficiently. Those recommendations and the EFNEP leadership response were discussed at length at Program Council.

During the same period, ANR has experienced an unprecedented reduction in state funds. To adjust to reduced funding, ANR has consistently taken action to reduce administrative overhead, direct a larger portion of available resources to support program delivery, and to maintain core programmatic expertise.  Following the review of EFNEP, a committee was convened this past winter to explore options for restructuring nutrition education, youth and community programs with the goals of improving the communication between county and state offices, identifying new opportunities for collaborative efforts, streamlining administrative functions, maximizing funds and other resources, and realigning the goals of these statewide programs with ANR's Strategic Vision 2025 (

In examining different options for restructuring, the committee explored the feasibility of integrating the 4-H Youth Development Program (4-HYDP) and EFNEP.  The committee analyzed both the pros and cons of integration and found ample opportunities for both programmatic growth and administrative efficiencies.  The model that best meets ANR's needs would maintain programmatic functions of 4-HYDP and EFNEP separately, but place fiscal management and administrative functions under a single unit, which will allow for a more sustainable funding model.  Under this structure, integration of 4-HYDP and EFNEP will be housed in a newly created Youth, Families, and Communities statewide program with the goal of strengthening ANR's capacity to support community sustainability; promote collaborations among UC faculty, specialists and county advisors; and identify effective program delivery strategies for youth and families living in California. During this statewide program reorganization, Sharon Junge will be providing leadership to this new program and will guide the transition.

ANR will carry out this program integration through an orderly transition with a target completion date of October 1, 2010.  We recognize that this administrative consolidation will affect many valued ANR employees and acknowledge the dedicated work and valuable contributions that you bring to ANR and to the people of California. We are confident that this new structure will make more resources available to county programs, provide greater accountability, and expand programmatic opportunities.  The timeline and work plan to carry out the functions of this restructuring effort will be widely communicated in the coming months.

We will continue to discuss this transition with ANR leadership, colleagues, and other key stakeholders to implement this plan as efficiently as possible and to realize this opportunity to improve ANR's service to California.

Barbara Allen-Diaz
Associate Vice President for Academic Programs and Strategic Initiatives

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This announcement is also posted and archived on the ANR Update pages.

Posted on Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 4:24 PM
  • Author: Michael L. Poe
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