ANR Employees
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ANR Employees


Event Date Event Name Event Sponsor
January 23, 2017 DOI FWS Plains and Prairie Potholes Cooperative Landscape Conservation (SNE) OCG
January 23, 2017 US FS Wood Education and Resource Center (SNE) OCG
January 31, 2017 NFWF Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration program (SNE- Water) OCG
January 31, 2017 EPA Environmental Justice Small Grants Program (HFC) OCG
January 31, 2017 The Herb Society of America Grant for Research (SFS- HFC) OCG
January 31, 2017 USDA RD Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvements Program (SNE) OCG
January 31, 2017 CA DWR/ CDFA Fertilizer Research And Education Program (SFS) OCG
February 1, 2017 American Honda Foundation OCG
February 1, 2017 Harvard Forest - Charles Bullard Fellowship in Forest Research (SNE) OCG
February 1, 2017 Spencer Foundation The Small Research Grants Program (HFC) OCG
February 2, 2017 USDA NIFA – NSF National Robotics Initiative: 2.0: Ubiquitous Collaborative Robots NRI-2.0 (SFS) OCG
February 2, 2017 NSF Science- Technology- and Society (All Initiatives) OCG
February 3, 2017 CA Department of Pesticide Regulation - Pest Management Alliance Grant Program (EIPD) OCG
February 6, 2017 USDA DOE Integrated Biorefinery Optimization (SNE) OCG
February 7, 2017 DOE Subsurface Biogeochemical Research (SNE) OCG
February 8, 2017 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award (HFC) OCG
February 9, 2017 NSF Science of Science and Innovation Policy SciSIP (All Initiatives) OCG
February 9, 2017 NSF Innovation Corps- National Innovation Network Sites Program (All Initiatives) OCG
February 10, 2017 NSF EarthScope (SNE) OCG
February 14, 2017 DOE ARPA-E Macroalgae Research Inspiring Novel Energy Resources (SNE) OCG
February 15, 2017 Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment California Watershed Protection Fund (Water) OCG
February 16, 2017 UC CBCRP Community-Driven Pilot To Explore Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Consumer Product Use (HFC) OCG
February 21, 2017 Kresge Foundation BUILD Health Challenge (HFC) OCG
February 21, 2017 NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity (SNE) OCG
February 22, 2017 CNCS FY2017 Day of Service Grants (HFC) OCG
February 28, 2017 NIH Outstanding New Environmental Scientist Award (SNE- HFC) OCG
March 2, 2017 EPA Framework (Built- Natural- Social Environments) to Assess Health Effects (HFC) OCG
March 6, 2017 NSF Cyber-Physical Systems (SFS) OCG
March 6, 2017 NSF USDA-NIFA INFEWS Innovations at the Nexus of Food- Energy and Water Systems (SNE- SFS- Water) OCG
March 6, 2017 UC MEXUS-CONACYT Grants for Collaborative Projects (All initiatives) OCG
March 7, 2017 NSF NIH Centers for Oceans and Human Health 3: Climate Change on Oceans and Great Lakes (SNE) OCG
March 9, 2017 USDA NIFA Organic Transitions (SFS) OCG
March 10, 2017 USDA NIFA Secondary Education- Postsecondary Education- and Agriculture in the K-12 Classroom (HFC) OCG
March 30, 2017 USDA NIFA Biotechnology Risk Assessment Research Grant Program (SNE) OCG
April 3, 2017 U.S. FWS Marine Turtle Conservation Fund (SNE) OCG
April 21, 2017 NSF Plant-Biotic Interactions (SFS- EIPD) OCG
April 21, 2017 CA DWR/ CDFA Agricultural Water Use Efficiency & State Water Efficiency And Enhancement (Water- SFS) OCG
April 27, 2017 DARPA Biological Technologies (SNE- SFS- EIPD- HFC) OCG
September 30, 2017 ARPA-e Innovative Development In Energy-Related Applied Science (SNE) OCG
September 30, 2017 NOAA Broad Agency Announcement (SNE- Water) OCG
December 31, 2017 Weingart Foundation Grant Program (HFC) OCG
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