ANR Employees
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ANR Employees


Event Date Event Name Event Sponsor
January 19, 2018 DOE Bioimaging Research and Approaches for Bioenergy (SNE) OCG
January 22, 2018 USDA Forest Service Wood Innovations (SNE) OCG
January 22, 2018 NSF Design of Digital Science- Technology- Engineering- and Mathematics Learning Environments (HFC) OCG
January 23, 2018 NSF Dynamics of Coupled Natural and Human Systems (SNE) OCG
January 24, 2018 USAID Long-term Assistance and Services for Research (HFC) OCG
January 25, 2018 NFWF Los Padres National Forest – Wildfires Restoration Grant (SNE) OCG
January 26, 2018 CDFA Dairy Digester Research and Development Program (SNE) OCG
January 30, 2018 NSF Smart and Connected Communities (SNE- HFC) OCG
January 30, 2018 USDA NIFA Methyl Bromide Transition Program (EIPD) OCG
January 31, 2018 NFWF Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration Program (SNE- Water) OCG
February 1, 2018 PEW Charitable Trusts Research on the impact of management practices on antibiotic use in food (SFS) OCG
February 1, 2018 PCORI Eugene Washington Engagement Award (HFC) OCG
February 1, 2018 PEW Charitable Trusts Research on the efficacy of antibiotic use in food-producing animals (SFS) OCG
February 1, 2018 U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities- Healthy Watersheds Consortium Grant Program (SNE) OCG
February 2, 2018 UCOP TRDRP Community Practice-Based Research Implementation (HFC) OCG
February 2, 2018 DPR Pest Management Alliance Grant Program (EIPD) OCG
February 5, 2018 NSF Major Research Instrumentation Program: Instrument Acquisition or Development (All Initiatives) OCG
February 8, 2018 CalEPA 2018 Nonpoint Source Grant Program (SNE- Water) OCG
February 8, 2018 USDA NIFA Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program (SFS) OCG
February 9, 2018 DOE USDA Plant Feedstock Genomics for Bioenergy (SNE) OCG
February 15, 2018 NFWF Resilient Communities (SNE) OCG
February 15, 2018 NFWF Klamath Basin Restoration Program (SNE) OCG
February 20, 2018 NSF National Robotics Initiative 2.0: Ubiquitous Collaborative Robots (All Initiatives) OCG
February 21, 2018 CAL FIRE Forest Health Program (SNE) OCG
February 26, 2018 USDA NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant (SNE) OCG
February 28, 2018 NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity (SNE) OCG
February 28, 2018 CalEPA Environmental Justice Small Grants (SNE) OCG
March 1, 2018 USDA NIFA Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative (SFS) OCG
March 15, 2018 EPA Environmental Education Local Grants Program (SNE- EIPD) OCG
March 16, 2018 CA Department of Fish and Wildlife Fisheries Habitat Restoration 2018 (SNE) OCG
March 29, 2018 USDA NIFA Organic Transitions (SFS) OCG
April 4, 2018 NSF Inclusion Nation of Communities of Learners in Engineering and Science - Alliances (HFC) OCG
December 31, 2018 California Natural Resources Agency- Coastal Conservancy Grant Program (SNE) OCG
December 31, 2018 RWJF Pioneering Ideas (HFC) OCG
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