ANR Employees
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ANR Employees


Event Date Event Name Event Sponsor
November 20, 2017 NSF Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences: Investigator-Initiated Research Projects (SNE) OCG
December 1, 2017 USAID Innovations in Feed the Future Monitoring and Evaluation (SFS) OCG
December 4, 2017 DOE EERE Solar Forecasting II (SNE) OCG
December 4, 2017 USDA NIFA Community Food Projects Competitive Grant Program (SFS) OCG
December 6, 2017 Western SARE Competitive Professional + Producer Grants (SFS) OCG
December 6, 2017 Western SARE Competitive Farmer/Rancher Grants (SFS) OCG
December 8, 2017 USDA FHS Farm to School Grant Program (SFS) OCG
December 8, 2017 NOAA Identification and Application of Acidification Thresholds in Coastal Ecosystems (SNE) OCG
December 9, 2017 Hopland Hikes: Seasonal Greetings Hike and Wreaths Hopland Research and Extension Center
December 11, 2017 USDA RUS High Energy Cost Rural Communities Grant Program (SNE) OCG
December 13, 2017 NASA Earth & Space Air Prize (SNE) OCG
December 15, 2017 Organic Farming Research Foundation Research Grants (SFS) OCG
December 20, 2017 NOAA 2018 California Bay-Watershed Education and Training (SNE- HFC) OCG
December 21, 2017 USDA NIFA Biotechnology Risk Assessment Research Grants Program (SNE- SFS) OCG
December 21, 2017 RWJF Developing Solutions for Social Isolation in the United States: Learning (HFC) OCG
December 29, 2017 Conservation- Food and Health Foundation Grant Program (SNE- SFS- HFC) OCG
December 31, 2017 DARPA Biological Technologies (SNE- SFS- EIPD- HFC) OCG
December 31, 2017 RWJF Evidence for Action: Investigator-Initiated Research to Build a Culture of Health (HFC) OCG
December 31, 2017 Health Trust Grant Programs (HFC) OCG
December 31, 2017 The Coca-Cola Company Foundation Grant Program (HFC) OCG
December 31, 2017 NSF CMMI Geotechnical Engineering and Materials (SNE) OCG
December 31, 2017 Hearst Foundations Funding Program (HFC) OCG
December 31, 2017 Weingart Foundation Grant Program (HFC) OCG
December 31, 2017 USDA NIFA AFRI Foundational Program - Exploratory Research (SFS- SNE) OCG
December 31, 2017 NSF Earth Sciences Instrumentation and Facilities - EAR/IF (SNE) OCG
January 2, 2018 USDA RUS Solid Waste Management Grant (SNE- Water) OCG
January 5, 2018 Environmental Research & Education Foundation Research Grants (SNE) OCG
January 11, 2018 USDA NIFA – NSF National Robotics Initiative: 2.0: Ubiquitous Collaborative Robots NRI-2.0 (SFS) OCG
January 13, 2018 Hopland Hikes: Meet the Lambs Hopland Research and Extension Center
January 22, 2018 USDA Forest Service Wood Innovations (SNE) OCG
January 22, 2018 NSF Design of Digital Science- Technology- Engineering- and Mathematics Learning Environments (HFC) OCG
January 23, 2018 NSF Dynamics of Coupled Natural and Human Systems (SNE) OCG
January 30, 2018 USDA NIFA Methyl Bromide Transition Program (EIPD) OCG
February 1, 2018 U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities- Healthy Watersheds Consortium Grant Program (SNE) OCG
February 5, 2018 NSF Major Research Instrumentation Program: Instrument Acquisition or Development (All Initiatives) OCG
February 28, 2018 NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity (SNE) OCG
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