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  • April News Clips

    Added April 30, 2018

    This geneticist is creating gene-edited animals for our plates ( Marissa Fessenden, April 29 Animal geneticist Alison Van Eenennaam has six calves that are rather unusual. Most people might not pick up on what's odd, but close inspection, and...

  • City of Riverside tents iconic tree to protect it from huanglongbing disease

    Added April 30, 2018
    The Riverside 'Parent Navel' orange tree is covered with a large white tent to protect it from Asian citrus psyllid, an invasive pest that can spread the devastating huanglongbing disease of citrus. (Photo: City of Riverside)

    The city of Riverside pitched a white tent over the "Parent Navel" orange tree at the intersection of Arlington and Magnolia avenues last week to protect it from the threat of huanglongbing disease, reported Ryan Hagen the Riverside Press...

  • UCCE genetics specialist Alison Van Eenennaam a 'rising star'

    Added April 30, 2018
    Graduate student Lindsay Upperman (left) and UCCE specialist Alison Van Eenennaam with gene-edited hornless dairy calves. (Photo: Karin Higgins)

    UC Cooperative Extension specialist Alison Van Eenennaam, an animal geneticist based at UC Davis, was named a 'rising star' in the online magazine  Van Eenennaam operates at the forefront of biotechnology in animal agriculture,...

ANR Update

ANR to seek alternate funding for 4-H shooting sports
Posted 3/13/2018 - Many of you may have seen the article that was published last Friday in the Sacramento Bee: “This Sacramento-area school district gets more NRA money than any other in the U.S.” It reported that several local school districts and the...

RECs develop new funding model
Posted 3/12/2018 - The Research and Extension Center (REC) System is a key component of UC ANR (Cooperative Extension + Agricultural Experiment Station + Research and Extension Centers + Statewide Programs). Each of the nine RECs is unique and offers a wide array of...

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