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Nominate ANR staff for STAR awards

Nominations are being accepted for the ANR Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) Program until March 31. The purpose of the award program is to recognize and reward outstanding staff individual and team performance within Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Under the STAR Program, managers are able to recognize, acknowledge and reward employees for exceptional performance and/or significant contributions related to and supportive of individual, departmental, divisional, and/or organizational goals and objectives.

Managers may acknowledge and reward individuals and teams demonstrating:

  • Exceptional performance: Demonstrated and sustained exceptional performance that consistently exceeds goals and work expectations in quantity and/or quality.
  • Creativity: One-time innovation or creation that results in time/dollar savings, revenue enhancement, and productivity improvement; and/or ongoing innovative/creative activities that benefit organizational systems, protocols, and/or procedures.
  • Organizational abilities: Exhibiting extraordinary skills in leadership resulting in the accomplishment of significant departmental or divisional goals and objectives; effective project management, which could include developing a project and/or implementing a project with substantial success; and/or demonstrating organizational capability leading to a greater level of effectiveness.
  • Work success: Significantly exceeding productivity, customer service, quality of care or similar goals, including demonstrating superior interactions with managers, peers, supervisors, subordinates, the University community, and/or clients and customers served.
  • Teamwork: For team awards, the following criteria, plus the criterion above, will be considered. Acting as an exceptionally effective and cooperative team member or team leader for a team that has significantly exceeded the goals/objectives of the department/unit.

To read the STAR award guidelines and restrictions and to download the nomination form, see the attachments.

Application and selection process:

February 2016: The call for nominations is distributed to all ANR unit directors.

No later than March 31, 2016: Nomination applications submitted via e-mail to

April - May 2016: An appointed review committee will review applications submitted by the due date. The committee will select up to 20 individuals and two teams to be awarded.

May 2016: Unit directors and award winners are notified of the final decisions.


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Posted on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 at 11:23 AM

Professional development resources available to ANR employees

Dear Colleagues,

As a UC ANR employee, you automatically have membership to a top-notch professional development resource. To take your career to the next level of performance, check out CEB Learning & Development. It takes seconds to register or reset a password and participate in webinars, download job aids and participate in discussion forums.

Here is a quick list of a few CEB resources:

Resources for All Employees ­­– Develop yourself as a high-performing employee, not only effective at your tasks, but also as someone who contributes to others' performance and uses others' contributions to improve your own performance.

On-the-Job Activity Builder – Use this interactive tool to build employee development plans with recommended on-the-job learning activities based on the competencies you select.

Manager Guide: Holding Effective Career Discussions – Guide your direct reports through identifying and progressing toward their career aspirations.

Manager Excellence Resource Center – Search the online portal (separate from the Learning & Development member website) to find manager development and employee development resources.

Visit to get the most out of your CEB Learning & Development membership for yourself and your program.


Jodi Azulai
ANR Training and Development coordinator



Posted on Thursday, February 4, 2016 at 12:18 PM

Changes to UC policy regarding sexual violence and sexual harassment

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to share important changes to UC policy regarding sexual violence and sexual harassment and to offer a reminder about the resources available to the ANR community. All UC locations have been working together to update policies and procedures, and a few recent changes deserve special notice.

The UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy now requires every ANR employee to notify the Title IX office when they receive information from a UC student about an alleged violation. Although most ANR academics and staff do not have regular contact with UC students, it's important to be aware of this new policy requirement. 

Moreover, all ANR academics and managers/supervisors must notify the Title IX office when they receive information of alleged sexual misconduct from any member of the ANR community, including reports from program participants, volunteers, as well as reports from ANR employees. 

John I. Sims recently was named the new Title IX Officer forANR, replacing Linda MarieManton, who retired in December. In this role, John is the contact point to respond to alleged violations and he can be reached at (530) 750-1397 and

Confidential counseling and referral services for ANR academics and staff employees are available through the UC Davis Academic and Staff Assistance Program (ASAP) at (916) 734-2727 and

Finally, the updated policy also includes a new training requirement for all employees. This training program will better prepare all of us to fulfill our obligations and learn about our roles and responsibilities. Academics and supervisors — who have been required to take such training for several years — will see new, updated content in their training and will maintain their current training schedule.  Non-supervisory staff will be required to complete a 50-minute, Web-based sexual harassment-prevention training by May 1, 2016. Ongoing training for all employees will be required annually. 

You can expect to receive more details about the new training requirement in the coming weeks. 

For more information on how to prevent and respond to sexual violence, visit the ANR website

Preventing and responding to sexual violence is a duty we all share. Thank you for being a part of the solution.

Glenda Humiston
Vice President

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Posted on Thursday, January 28, 2016 at 5:58 PM

VP issues 2016 call for CE positions


Continuing our commitment to deploying Cooperative Extension (CE) specialists and advisors to address critical issues, ANR is soliciting proposals for these CE positions. The new 2016 call aims to identify positions for strengthening and rebuilding the ANR network to address programmatic gaps and emerging needs. The call, including the updated position proposal template as well as the process flowchart timeline and criteria documents, is posted at

The online position-proposal submittal process will be open from January 12 to May 5 to allow as much time as possible for internal consultation and discussions with ANR stakeholders in all program areas. We expect and strongly encourage engaging external stakeholders, including commodity groups, cooperating programs, agency partners, community groups, and others, to explicitly discuss priority needs for positions.

Filling critical academic positions is a top priority for ANR. Since the beginning of 2012, ANR has hired 86 advisors and specialists, and has 45 approved positions under recruitment or to be recruited in 2016. This list is posted on the 2016 call website. New 2016 position proposals should identify additional crucial positions.  

The resources released through retirements and separations continue to enable us to hire new advisors and specialists. As with the current recruitments, we will remain nimble with future hiring in phases over time to enable us to accomplish the search and hiring process in an orderly fashion, evaluate resources on a real-time basis, deal with unexpected changes in staffing, and address unforeseen critical gaps as they emerge.


Glenda Humiston
Vice President

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Posted on Tuesday, January 12, 2016 at 3:01 PM

Jan. 20 deadline for UC Management Skills Assessment Program applications

Staff supervisors and managers who are ready for a leap in their professional development should apply for the Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP) by Wednesday, Jan. 20.

This program is designed to assess the management skills of high potential, early career staff supervisors and managers for future leadership opportunities at the University of California (academics are not eligible). The next MSAP will be held April 18-21 at the UCLA Conference Center in Lake Arrowhead.

One seat for the 2016 MSAP program is available for a UC ANR staff member.

We strongly recommend that unit leaders and program directors discuss the program with supervisors and managers who exhibit potential for management development and encourage them to apply.

Eligibility requirements for staff participants include:

  • Full-time career status with a current, satisfactory (or better) performance evaluation
  • Career Tracks job classification as a supervisor or manager

Participants will be selected based on an evaluation of the applicant's (1) career goals in management, (2) level of skills essential for performing management functions, and (3) demonstrated career path and/or strong commitment to management skill development.

The cost for the program is $1,095 (including all program materials and room and board for three days and two nights). This does not include transportation or other related travel costs.  ANR will cover the cost of the program (including eligible travel expenses) for the successful applicant.

Expect a demanding program with assessees in activities from 8 am until 8 pm and no time in between to check email or attend to work responsibilities. Assessees also eat with other assessees and share condolets.  The supervisor of the applicant is also required to complete a supporting statement as part of the application process, and commit to participate in the required post-program activities. 

Application instructions and further information about the program are at  Choose UC ANR, not UC Davis, in the application. A UC ANR committee will review all applications and make the final selection. Completed applications must be submitted online at by Wednesday, Jan. 20. Your supervisor's portion of the submission is required for application consideration. 

For more information, contact Jodi Azulai, ANR training and development coordinator, at

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Posted on Wednesday, January 6, 2016 at 12:23 PM

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