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Gifts are funds or property that are given to the University in support of a particular program or a particular Advisor's research.

With a gift the donor specifies the general program or research the money is given to support, but does not require the University to adhere to a strictly defined budget, a time frame, or to provide reports on how the funds were spent or the research conducted.


  • It is preferred that the gifts be accompanied by the donor's written instructions showing evidence of the donor's intent. In the absence of a gift transmittal letter: (1) the Advisor or County Director may submit a copy of other correspondence from the donor referencing the intended gift and its use; or (2) a letter may be prepared by the County office (see Sample Letter A) and sent to the donor requesting the donor's signature. This letter should be returned to the PI for inclusion in the gift packet that is sent to the Regional Office.
  • Gifts of $2,500.00 or less are approved and officially accepted by the County Director (see Sample Letter C).  To comply with IRS regulations, the official acceptance letter must be sent to the name and address listed on the check.
  • Gifts of $2,500.01 up to and including $10,000 are approved and accepted by the Regional Director. The Advisor or County Director usually sends a thank you or acknowledgement letter to the donor (see Sample Letter B). This letter may NOT imply official acceptance by the University NOR include the IRS-required statement, " goods or services were received...".  This letter may be addressed to the donor's representative and sent to the address on the donor letter.
  • Gift donations greater than $10,000 are officially accepted by the ANR Vice President.  The Advisor or County Director sends a thank you or acknowledgement letter to the donor. The Regional Director reviews the gift documentation prior to forwarding to the Vice President for official acceptance by the University. The Regional Director may also send an acknowledgement letter to the donor.
  • Gifts-in-kind (non-monetary gifts) are processed in the same manner. For tax purposes, the donor establishes the dollar value of the gift in their donation letter. The IRS regulations prohibit the University from establishing the value of the gift. The dollar value is not noted in the acknowledgement/acceptance letter.
  • Gift solicitation letters are required to include the following statements:  All gifts are tax-deductible as prescribed by law.  The information you provide will be used for University business and will not be released unless required by law.
  • While not required, a donor consent statement is highly recommended if there is any possibility of publishing a list of donors.  In this case, please use the following statement:  Should you wish that your name not be included in any publication, please notify us.
  • These statements may be in fine print and may be included at the bottom of a solicitation, on the back of the letter, or on a donor card.  They may be combined into one short and small-print paragraph.

Disclosure of Financial Interests:

Form 700U, Principal Investigators Statement of Economic Interests ( is to be completed by principal investigators for all research projects which have been or will be funded, in whole or in part:

  • Through a contract or grant of $500 or more from a non-governmental entity; or
  • By a gift from a non-governmental entity which is earmarked by the donor for a specific research project or a specific principal investigator, provided the amount of the gift, or the aggregate over a 12-month period from the same donor, is $500 or more.

In addition, the Economic Interests Addendum must be filed for all positive disclosures. 

It should be understood that the $500 figure and use of form 700-U has been mandated by the State of California Fair Political Practices Commission; that the information disclosed will be available to public scrutiny under the law; and that principal investigators must declare the statement to be true under penalty of perjury.  A list of sponsors that are exempt ( from this requirement has been approved by the State of California Fair Political Practices Commission.  

Within this context, the form must be filed whenever:

  • The Principal Investigator applies for or requests renewal of a contract or grant from a private sponsor;
  • Whenever a gift is specified by a donor for a particular investigator or for a specific research project for which he or she is responsible; and
  • Within 90 days after the research project is completed or the gift funds are exhausted.

To file the form (submit original):

  • Attach it to the ANR Sponsored Projects Approval Form when application is made to a private sponsor for support of a research project;
  • Attach it to the Gift Acceptance Form when a gift is restricted to a particular investigator or specific research project for which the investigator is responsible.

If no proposal is required for renewal of contract or grant, the disclosure form must be filed prior to acceptance of the renewal award.


  • Deposit properly endorsed checks at your local branch of the Bank of America. Include only checks received as gifts in the deposit; don't mix miscellaneous receipts with gift funds in your deposit. (See Cash Collections section for instructions on depositing miscellaneous receipts.)
  • Prepare Statement of Cash Collection form indicating the amounts that should be credited to each various donors account. Attach the original customer receipt provided by the Bank of America to the Statement of Cash Collections.
  • Prepare a separate Statement of Cash Collections for gifts made by credit card. (See Guide to Processing Credit Cards .  7-1-05 - GIFTS made by Credit Card have been temporarily suspended.)
  • Prepare a Gift Packet for each individual donation. (Small gifts can be grouped together into one gift packet. Please contact your Regional Office for additional instructions. See 'Tips' below.) The gift packet contains the following: 
    1. Original Recipient's Report of Tender of Gift form, signed by PI and  County Director 
    2. Original letter from the donor + two copies of this letter 
    3. 3 copies of the PI/CD's acknowledgement letter--for all gifts
    4. 3 copies of the CD's official acceptance letter--for gifts of $2,500 or less
    5. Orignal 700-U (Statement of Economic Interest for Principal Investigators) if the gift is $500 or more + 2 copies of this form
    6. 3 copies of the donor's check

The gift packet (s) should be attached to the Statement of Cash Collections showing the deposit of the funds in the packet(s) and sent to the Regional Office.

All gift checks that are received in the County Office between December 21 and January 9 (each year) are to be submitted to the Regional Office with their post-marked envelopes. This documentation of the dates the gifts were mailed is used by the Accounting Office for tax reporting purposes.


  • All checks should be made payable to The Regents of the University of California.
  • Gift checks must be immediately endorsed with the University's deposit stamp and stored in a secure location until deposited.
  • Review the donor letter for contractual implications (mention of trade names, use of donor's product, time frames or reporting requirements). If contractual implications are noted, contact the Regional Office.
  • Up to 12 various donations to the same account may be reported on the same gift packet only if each individual gift does not exceed $500. If any single gift is $500 or more (requiring a 700U), a separate packet must be completed. All checks must be alphabetically listed on a Various Donors Information Sheet. Include the telephone number of the donor.


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Gift Documents

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