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UCDBuy is an online purchasing tool for UC Davis, designed to make ordering office supplies, lab supplies, furniture and campus storehouse items easy and affordable.  The benefits of the UCDBuy system include: online catalog browsing and order placement, ability to combine items from different vendors into one order, ability to charge different DaFIS accounts for each item ordered, electronic routing of orders for approval, ability to track order status from desktop, automatic recording of charges to UCD general ledger, and automatic payment to vendor - no invoice processing.


A UCD login ID and Kerberos password is required to place orders using UCDBuy.  Orders placed in UCDBuy must be approved by the County Director.  Please see procedures below.   Agreement vendors do not charge for shipping.


  • Point browser to
  • For first time users, click on "Customer Profile" and complete profile as per directions below prior to placing first order
  • Select items from online catalogs and place in shopping cart (note:  items ordered frequently can be placed on a "favorites" list)
  • When order is completed, click on "place order"
  • Print page with Order Number and have County Director sign this page as approval for the order
  • Fax the approved order to the Regional Office

The order will be electronically routed from UCDBuy to the supplier(s) as soon as it is electronically approved by the Regional Office Account Manager or Account Delegate. In most cases, orders approved before 1:00 pm will be delivered the next day.


***Hints for completing the Customer Profile***

Name and email address: your name - the name/email address associated with your Login ID and password. ( In other words, you can't logon as Suzie and create a profile for Sam.)

Department: Type "1169" in the orange box, then click on the word "Department" and click on "1169" in the picklist window.

Click on Storehouse Delivery Location. Select your county from the picklist provided. (This address is used by UCD Storehouse.)

Shipping Address: Be sure your delivery street address is in "address line 1". You can put extra information such as building number or room number or other short delivery instructions in "address line 2" if needed. (This address is used by outside vendors.)

Default FAU: This is the default account number that will be charged for your orders. The required elements are chart "L" and the 7-digit account number. Those of you using subaccounts may also enter a subaccount designation. As you place an order, you will have an opportunity to change the default account for each item ordered.

Make sure there is a check mark in the Active box and click submit!


UC Davis Materiel Management, UCD Buy

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