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Roles and Responsibilities

Different offices are responsible for various phases of the extramural funding process. This table defines key proposal and award roles and responsibilities. 

ANR Roles and Responsibilities


Quick summary of the Office of Contracts and Grants roles and responsibilities:

Proposal Preparation: (for proposals requesting at least $1M in funding)

For additional information about OCG’s role in proposal preparation, click here.

  • Provide targeted searches to identify funding to support your project ideas and plans; identify and disseminate information about new initiatives and upcoming solicitations
  • Provide guidance on funding agency proposal submission policies and sponsor mission-research plan alignment
  • Create and manage schedules for preparing and submitting proposals; develop outlines of proposal/application components
  • Help in identifying cross-disciplinary collaborators, partners, and programmatic resources to contribute to your project plan
  • Review and edit drafts for consistency of style and content, clarity and completeness, and responsiveness to solicitation
  • Complete application forms and preparation of supportive documentation (letters, data management plans, collaboration plans, mentoring plans, compliance documents, etc.)
  • Coordinate collection of required documentation from participating collaborators (budget materials, biosketches, current and pending support forms, facilities descriptions, letters, etc.)
  • Develop and revise project budget and accompanying budget justification
  • Review final compiled application for submission to the Sponsor
  • Respond to Just-In-Time Requests and coordinate Sponsor Site Visits in preparation for receipt of award

Proposal Review:

  • Review proposal budgets for accuracy, appropriate indirect cost rates, Cost Sharing and allowable cost
  • Review proposal for compliance issues such as Human Subjects, Animal Subjects, Conflict of Interest requirements
  • Review the Request for Proposal (RFP) guidelines

 Award Review and Acceptance:

  • Review and negotiate terms and conditions to ensure compliance with University Policy
  • Delegated authority to sign and enter into extramurally funded agreements on behalf of the Regents of the University of California

Post Award Management:

  • Assist the PI and BOC staff with overall award management including answering questions about allowable costs and the award terms and conditions.
  • Approve and process post award modifications and prior approval requests
  • Prepare Subcontracts
  • Work closely with the PI/BOC/Extramural Accounting to ensure that all sponsored projects are financially compliant.


Pre- and Post-Award Flowchart

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