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Communication Tools

Strategic Vision Toolkit a collection of resources and tips you can use to create a look that reflects our new branding themes aligned with the Strategic Vision.  You can take a 5-minute video tour of the Toolkit.

ANR Repository a place to store and share documents, photos, and other assets.

Communication Services and Information Technology is your source for Adobe Connect, Collaborative Tools, the Repository, SiteBuilder, photography and video, online course development, the Strategic Vision Toolkit, TechTools, e-mail, publications and more.

Advocacy Tools

Advocacy is a one-stop source for basic information on advocacy.  Get tools and training you need to tell the story of how ANR is making a difference in California.  Here you'll also find links to the California legislature, district maps, and UCOP External Relations.

We Are ANR This 30-slide presentation is an overview of the division, its research and extension components, and its administration.

Public relations resources - media, public relations, and marketing tools. You can also request a news release or media training here.


ANR Update compiles announcements on major changes in the Division.

ANR Report keeps you current on what's new in the Division through this monthly newsletter for ANR employees and retirees.  Past issues are also archived here.

News and information outreach - read and search for featured news stories, submit or get help with a news story, or find an expert.

News and information outreach in Spanish - reach California's growing Latino population.

Latino Briefs Digest - A monthly digest based on news reported by mainstream news media and reputable research institutions on topics relevant to ANR.


ANRCatalog, the online catalog of ANR peer-reviewed publications

ANR Peer Review and Publication Production web site of resources for authors and associate editors

California Agriculture journal ANR's peer-reviewed journal research, reviews and news from the University of California.

California Agriculture's article submission guidelines

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