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Postharvest Integrated Pest Management

Summary Discuss and coordinate alternative means of controlling disease, insects and physiological disorders in harvested commodities.
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Elizabeth Mitcham (Chair)
Phone (530) 752-7512
Unit: Department of Plant Sciences
Location: Department of Plant Sciences
One Shields Avenue
1210 Plant and Environmental Sciences Bldg
Davis, 95616-8780
Membership List
(info only) Filmer, Ann Department of Plant Sciences
  Communications 1) Communications; 2) Floriculture production, postharvest handling of ornamentals
AES Scientist
Adaskaveg, James Plant Pathology
  Professor¬†and Plant Pathologist Mycology, plant pathology, ecology and epidimiology of fungi
CE Specialist
Arpaia, Mary Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center
  CE Subtropical Horticulturist Evaluation of preharvest and postharvest factor on subtropical crop productivity and fruit quality, including rootstock, cultivar, irrigation, pesticide and nutrition management strategies
Cantwell, Marita Department of Plant Sciences
  CE Vegetable Specialist Postharvest physiology, handling, and storage of vegetables, including specialty and fresh cut vegetables.
Crisosto, Carlos Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center
  CE Postharvest Physiologist Extension and research on postharvest biology and technology of fruits; fruit quality and deterioration and handling systems
Mitcham, Elizabeth Department of Plant Sciences
  CE & AES Postharvest Pomologist Postharvest physiology and technology of fruit and nut crops; emphasis on maintaining flavor quality after harvest, enhancing consumption of produce, and reducing food loss. Also studying regulation of fruit ripening and mechanisms underlying calcium deficiency disorders in fruit.
Suslow, Trevor Department of Plant Sciences
  Extension Research Specialist Preharvest to Postharvest Microbial food safety systems,postharvest transportation, Postharvest pathology
Other ANR
Martin, Tunyalee Pomology, UCD
  Graduate Student entomology
Simpson, Tiffanie Pomology UCD
  Assistant Specialist postharvest entomology
Aung, Louis Plant Physiology
  Scientist tolerance to pest control treatments
Braun, Adolf DPR
  Associate ERS Plant pathologist
Burks, Chuck USDA ARS Fresno
  Scientist entomologist
Johnson, Judy
Kuenen, L.P.S. (Bas) USDA ARS Fresno
  Scientist entomologist
Leesch, Jim USDA ARS Fresno
  Scientist entomologist
Lui, Yong-Biao USDA ARS Salinas
  Scientist entomology
Obenland, Dave USDA ARS Fresno
  Scientist plant physiology
Ryan, Fred USDA ARS Fresno
  Scientist plant physiology
Siegel, Joel
Membership Totals
Number of Members19
ANR Members9
Info Only1
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