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Compensation Strategy for CE Advisors

In October 2017, VP Humiston approved a four-year plan to increase salaries of current and future CE Advisors. The plan is intended to ensure salaries of CE Advisors are better aligned with the labor market for comparable academic positions. For more information, click on Compensation Strategy for CE Advisors.

Open Enrollment Period 2017

The annual Open Enrollment period for UC benefits began on Thursday, October 26 and runs through Tuesday, November 21.

A preview of Open Enrollment changes are viewable on UC Net at( In the coming days, employees will receive more information through direct mail and ANR newsletters.

Total Compensation Estimator

The Total Compensation Estimator, has been updated to include estimates of the value of primary retirement benefits through UC’s Retirement Choice Program, this is now available on UCnet:





Academic HR is the principal department for all academic personnel matters within the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Academic HR provides leadership, coordination and consulting services in applying academic personnel policies and procedures in recruitment, advancement, compensation and employee relations for academic appointees in the division.

To better address your academic personnel questions and concerns, you can reach us via email at the Academic HR E-Service Center: or by phone at:  
Our mailing address is: UC ANR Academic HR
                                   2801 Second Street
                                   Davis, CA 95616

Calendar of Academic HR deadlines, trainings and events

January 16, 2018: Names for confidential Letters of Evaluation due into the system.

February 1, 2018: All Annual Evaluations, Merits and Promotion dossiers due into the PR system by 11:59pm.

February 5, 2018: Deadline to update ANR Profile bibliography for federal reporting.

March 10, 2018: Confidential Letters of Evaluation due for promotion and acceleration actions.

March 21, 2018: Deadline for supervisor's to upload reviews

March 30, 2018: Deadline for Ad Hoc Committee reports

June 2018: AVP to make final decisions on all merit or promotion actions

* For the entire 2017-2018 Merit & Promotion calendar of scheduled trainings and other important dates, click here.


Academic Recruitment

Status of Recruitment and Hires

ANR  Career Opportunities

Academic Hire Directory 2007-2017

Attending a conference or professional society meeting? Please fill out this survey to help advertise open academic recruitments.

ANR Affirmative Action

ANR AA website:

2017 Introduction to CASA

National Reporting System Tips for Collecting Race and Ethnicity Demographics

For information on Discrimination and Sexual Violence Prevention, please click here

Academic HR Staff

Tina Jordan
Academic HR Manager
Office:  530-750-1280
Karen Ellsworth
Academic HR Business Consultant
Office: 530-750-1284
Soo Hsieh
Academic HR Business Consultant
Office: 530-750-1285
Kim Ingram
Academic HR Business Consultant
Office: 530-750-1282
LeChé McGill
Academic HR Business Consultant
Office: 530-750-1281
Alma Jackson
Academic HR Assistant
Office: 530-750-1267
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