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ANR Employees

Academic Human Resources

 Academic HR is the principal department for all academic personnel matters within the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Academic HR provides leadership, coordination and consulting services in applying academic personnel policies and procedures in recruitment, advancement, compensation and employee relations for academic appointees in the division.

To better address your academic personnel questions and issues, you can reach us at the Academic HR E-Service Center: or you can reach us at (530)750-1354. Our mailing address is:   Academic HR
                                                              2801 Second Street
                                                              Davis, CA 95616

AHR Current News and Information

Information on Immigration

UCOP has put together a new system-wide website that provides news, resources and support for those affected by President Trump’s executive orders on immigration, including ones that could affect UC’s student dreamers.

The website is now live at:

We encourage you to link to this from your own websites.  You may also find it useful in responding to some media inquiries.

2017 CE Specialist DANRIS-X Webinar Training Recordings

View the recording:

  • Welcome and Introductions (audio improves after introductions)
  • Overview of Reporting Systems and Uses starts at 5min51sec
  • DANRIS-X application begins at 17min16sec
  • Project Board 2018 presentation begins at 46min27sec

Download the PowerPoint:

The recording, PowerPoint, and other information about DANRIS-X and its replacement, Project Board, (scheduled to launch in 2018) can be found on this website:


Calendar of Academic HR deadlines, trainings and events

March 10, 2017: Confidential letters of evaluation due into online system

March 20, 2017: Deadline for the submission of Supervisor's reviews.

March 31, 2017: Ad Hoc Committee reports due

June/July 2017: AVP makes final decisions and letters are sent to academics                                            and supervisors.

* For the entire 2016-2017 Merit & Promotion calendar of scheduled trainings and other important dates, click Academic Calendar 2016-2017

ANR Affirmative Action

ANR AA website:

For information on the 'What, Why and How' of CASA, please view the 

<img src="" alt="Image from Flash Video" />

2016 Academics Intro To CASA Reporting handout

For information on Discrimination and Sexual Violence Prevention, please click here

Academic HR Staff

Tina Jordan
Academic HR Manager
Office:  530-750-1280
Karen Ellsworth
Academic HR Business Consultant
Office: 530-750-1284
Soo Hsieh
Academic HR Business Consultant
Office: 530-750-1285
Kim Ingram
Academic HR Business Consultant
Office: 530-750-1282
LeChé McGill
Academic HR Business Consultant
Office: 530-750-1281
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