ANR Employees
University of California
ANR Employees

Program Implementation



 Practical tips, connecting, communicating,
raising funds, event support,
program evaluation, reporting.


Best Practices

Methods and Technical
  (to be built out in "Learning & Development")

SI Innovation Hub (draft) - What your colleagues are doing well.

SI Knowledge Bank - Credible, relevant technical information to solve problems.


Connecting (pdf)

Networking, Mentoring (pdf)

Collaborative Tools



  Written, IT, Field days

  Collaborative Tools

  The ANR Portal

  Communications Services

  Computer support (Zoom etc.)

Event Support

  Program Support Unit

Fund Raising

  ANR Opportunity & Matching Grants 

  ANR Renewable Resources Extension Act (RREA) Program RFP

  Development Services 

  Contracts & Grants

Funding Opportunities 

  Gov’t Relations

Program Evaluation

  Program Planning & Evaluation

Reporting & Tracking your Work

  Project Board

  Project Board Help


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