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Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources

ANR Report for December 15 - 2000 - January 24, 2001

Here are the main stories in this issue:
  • Two augmentations for Division programs would be funding under state budget proposal for 2001-02
  • Division mourns the death of Carol L. Gomes
  • Update: Odyssey 2001 speakers to offer wide range of perspective
  • NRS receives Packard grant for oak ecosystems study
  • In memoriam: Henry J. Vaux Sr., John Hoyt, Dale Cannon
  • New UC newsletter present current "life skills" information
  • New poster service: Online with large-format printing
  • DANR welcomes
  • Lynn Wunderlich, pomology, horticulture and specialty crops advisor for El Dorado and Amador counties
  • Yana Valachovic, forest advisor for Humdoldt, Del Norte counties
  • Davis Lewis, regional watershed management advisor for Sonoma, Marin and Mendocino counties

Also in this issue:

  • Names in the news: Anthony E. Hall, Michale Sanderson, Scott Rozelle, Andrew Waterhouse; Richard and Carolyn Beahrs International Environmental Leadership Program
  • ANR hosts hands-on seminar series for new media
  • Change proposed in academic personnel policy 375
  • Hopland issues call for proposals
  • JPC conference scheduled
  • ANR associate editors needed
  • Job opportunities: Natural Resources Advisor for Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties; County Director/Environment Education Advisor for Contra Costa County; Youth Development Advisor for Riverside County; Manure Management/Dairy Science Advisor for Merced County
PDF File    ANR Report for December 15 - 2000 - January 24, 2001