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Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources

ANR Report for January 20002

Here are the main stories in this issue:

  • Governor's budget plan for 2002-03 proposes targeted cuts at UC but funds enrollment growth Governor's budget proposes to make some mid-year cuts permanent New VetMed building is funded
  • Revamped ANR website makes its public debut
  • Part of UC's Controls Initiative: ANR begins introducing units to a new way of managing risk-the focus this year is on CE
  • How does the governor's 2002-03 budget plan affect the Division?
  • Natural Reserve System helping in regional planning efforts
  • UCR water quality specialist Gan studies pesticie fate
  • ANR welcomes: Oleg Daugovish, ag/environmental issues advisor or Ventura County
  • 'All-stars' database at USDA wants your program success stories

Also in this issue:

  • Sierra Foothill REC seeks proposals
  • Hopland REC issues call
  • Valuable ADVICE online
  • Nominations sought for ANR associate editors
PDF File    ANR Report for January, 2002