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Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources

ANR Report for June 2006

Here are the main stories in this issue:

  • ANR joins eXtension
  • Kearney Foundation names new director, new mission
  • Dynes tours north San Diego County
  • Analytical lab calls for proposals
  • Vegetable advisor sought
  • Communication Services releases new and improved Collaborative Tools
  • Names in the news:
  • Moncloa, Hashim-Buckey elected to AAC
  • Hutmacher named director of West Side REC
  • Grafton-Cardwell named director of Lindcove REC
  • Craigmill named director of Sierra Foothill REC
  • Retirements: James Brenner, Lynne Buenz, Dan Desmond, Constance Garrett Lexion, Refugio Gonzalez, Andy Montiel, Sharon Perry, Ralph Phillips
  • In memoriam: Bob Price, Evelyn Kendrick
  • VP & AVP activities
ANR Report for June 2006