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Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources

ANR Report for November 11 - December 15, 1999

Here are the main stories in this issue:
  • DANR ratifies 74 workgroups, taking first big step toward greater program coordination
  • UCR dean Clegg to step down at end of June
  • Agricultural Personnel management Program teams up with Agricultural Issues Center
  • UC researchers, educators take lead in efforts to prevent pediatric obesity
  • UCR finding could lead to more chilling-tolerant crops
  • Computer operating systems and Y2K problems

Also in this issue:

  • Names in the news: James MacDonald, Lovell S. Jarvis, Michael Parrella
  • Gomes, Henry Vaux Jr., Frederick Murphy
  • Intermountain REC seeks proposals
  • IPM offers workshops for trainers of pesticide handlers and fieldworkers
PDF File    ANR Report for November 11 - December 15, 1999